Are you in the surveying business? If so, then you’re probably familiar with the Leica Total Station. This advanced surveying instrument is a popular choice for many professionals in the industry due to its accuracy and ease of use. In this blog post, we’ll discuss three key advantages of using a Leica Total Station that will make your surveying easier and faster. 

1) Increased accuracy

The Leica Total Station is a professional surveying instrument that offers unparalleled accuracy and high precision when measuring distance, angles and elevations. With its powerful EDM (Electronic Distance Measurement) technology, the Leica Total Station can measure distance up to 5,000 meters at once, with an accuracy of 2 millimeters. This level of accuracy ensures that surveyors get the most accurate data possible, allowing them to make more informed decisions on their projects. 

The Leica Total Station also uses an on-board computer to make accurate calculations of angles and elevations. This enables surveyors to quickly calculate these values, without having to manually adjust the telescope each time. With its advanced technology, the Leica Total Station can measure angles with an accuracy of 1 second of arc and elevations with an accuracy of 5 millimeters. This eliminates potential errors caused by manual calculation and ensures that surveyors have the most reliable and accurate data available. 

Also, the Leica Total Station features automatic compensators that continuously monitor errors and ensure measurements stay accurate. These compensators ensure that changes in weather or environmental conditions don’t reduce the accuracy of the measurements..

2) Increased speed

The Leica Total Station offers high accuracy and superior speed. It has a fast, precise automated system that may be used to measure distances, angles, and heights with ease. The internal microprocessor ensures a high degree of accuracy while enabling quick measurements to be made, even over long distances. With its advanced technology, the Leica Total Station scan quickly and accurately scan wide areas, making it an ideal tool for surveying and mapping jobs.

The Leica Total Station is also equipped with a powerful integrated software package that can automatically calculate measurement data and create drawings in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. This significantly speeds up the process of collecting and analyzing data, resulting in an efficient workflow. Additionally, the Leica Total Station is able to store and share data across multiple platforms, including computer networks, providing convenient access to information from anywhere in the world. 

3) Increased versatility

When it comes to surveying and mapping, the Leica Total Station offers a variety of features that can help make your work easier and more efficient. The versatile tool allows for a wide range of measurements, including distance, area, volume, horizontal and vertical angles, as well as azimuths. It also includes an advanced onboard digital image capture system, making it perfect for creating detailed images of surveyed areas. This versatility makes it easy to capture a two-dimensional picture of the land you are surveying.

The Leica Total Station also offers an integrated barcode scanner that can be used to read existing survey markers, further increasing its versatility. This means you can access all the existing data without having to manually measure each point or area. Also, it’s simple to switch between different measuring functions, so you can move between measuring points with quickly and accurately.

This versatility makes the Leica Total Station an invaluable asset in any surveyor’s toolkit, allowing you to accurately map out an area with ease. Whether you’re looking to take precise measurements, capture detailed images, or read existing survey markers, the Leica Total Station is what you need.


The Leica Total Station is an invaluable tool for surveyors, architects, engineers and anyone else who needs to accurately measure distances, angles, and heights. It offers many advantages over traditional surveying methods, including increased accuracy, speed, and versatility. With its advanced features, a Leica Total Station can save time and effort while providing better results. If you need reliable data from a reliable source, the Leica Total Station is an ideal choice.


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