The Legend of the Mekong River first aired on 14 February 2021 on channel network channel 8 but you can watch it online on some websites as well. It is a Thai series. It was shown for 45 minutes per episode and given 7.5/10 overall. Its screenwriter is Worawan Chaisakulsurin. It is based on historical artefacts. watch a short video below.

Cast Of Mekong River Is As Follows

The cast of Legend of the Mekong River includes certain actors and actresses mainly from Thailand who are not quite famous. But anyways they are as follows.

  • Pinky Savika Chaiyadej-Phetai/Pintra
  • Art Pasut Banyam-Songhop/Sayumpu
  • Geng Chartchai Ngamsan-Monk Ken
  • Poom Phurian Sapsansawat-Buem
  • Na-Chatra Vanessa Herrmann-Shilley
  • Pookpik Shorlajahan Wannapks-support role

Mainly there are these many stars and they are not famous but the series is quite well made you should definitely watch it.

The Legend Of the Mekong River S1 E43 Everything you need to know

The Legend Of Mekong River Season1 Episode 43 Details and Release Date

Paetai as an archaeologist as shown in the series dreamt herself as a traditional woman and in an incident, as her dream feels her she gets killed. She was contacted to find an old artefact but instead, she finds out that the artefact was fake. She met a person named Songpop whose face is similar to mans face in the dream who kills her. So she started hating her immediately.

As the story continues we find that even they hate each other fate seems to bring them together multiple times. It seems their fate connects them to the legend of “Nak Usa”(which is protected with 4 clans of serpents). So they both found out a slab connecting the door to Nak Usa land. This information has somehow is been leaked to the Collectors of artefact team. So they also want to go to the land to find important treasures. So later Paetai and Songpop race against time to find out the treasure in Nak Usa land. The release date of the episode is the 5th of December 2021 but you can as I said watch it online on some websites whose link I have shared above and if you want to watch it or not totally up to you as its new series it may not have hype like the big series trending nowadays but if you ask me personally you should watch it in your free time.

The Legend Of the Mekong River S1 E43 Everything you need to know

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