Alongside AI, the Internet of Things (IoT) is making a big impact on our lives. These changes are also being felt in business and not just in our personal lives. Having a range of interconnected smart devices has already shown to be beneficial to many users and business industries. Despite a slower-than-expected uptake, IoT development is starting to take off. So, how can IoT affect business and what are the risks?

In this article, we’ll be exploring the impact of IoT on our daily lives, especially related to business. We’ll also look at how you can maintain your online privacy while still enjoying IoT by using measures like a proxy service. Find out more about proxies here.

What Is The Internet Of Things?

The Internet of Things can be described as the interconnection of smart devices over the internet. This advance in technology allows our smart devices to communicate with us, other applications and other devices. IoT goes hand in hand with developing other home smart devices such as appliances, security systems and more. 

The Internet of Things allows us to control many different aspects of our lives from the comfort of our smartphones. We can now switch on lights, close curtains, order groceries, adjust the thermostats and even lock our doors or open garages from an application on our smartphone that communicates with other smart devices in our home.

How Is IoT Affecting Our Personal Lives?

IoT can also have a major effect on our personal lives. Apart from the conveniences these devices offer, such as allowing us to monitor energy usage, appliances and grocery shopping, they also do much more. These devices can help improve our healthcare by monitoring various health signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Driving can also be made safer by using smart traffic lights that can easily adjust waiting times according to traffic and even ease traffic for oncoming emergency vehicles. Smart road sensors will also be able to pick up on accidents quicker, dispatching the necessary services. 

How Is IoT Affecting Business?

However, IoT affects much more than just allowing us to control our coffee makers using our phones. There are also many applications of IoT for business. The Internet of Things allows businesses to collect data and automate various processes. It also allows businesses to create new products and services using the new technology. Let’s take a closer look at how IoT affects businesses.

Greater Access To Information

Smart devices can help businesses collect much more relevant information to help them improve their services and offerings to clients. While there are still a lot of controversies related to how businesses track users’ behaviors, this is unlikely to change in the future with IoT devices. Using the data collected by these devices will enable companies to create targeted ad campaigns and even improve how their products work and future features.

Improved Customer Engagement

IoT will also play a big role in customer services, allowing businesses to engage better with consumers. Businesses would be able to connect to smart devices and appliances to monitor their health. They’ll be notified when an appliance is due for a service or if the device is failing. This way, the business can connect with the client to offer the necessary support services.

Remote Work

IoT will also enable many more individuals to work remotely. Having access to devices in the office and even on the production floor will enable employees to quickly and easily complete tasks remotely.

Increased Productivity

Using interconnected smart devices will streamline many repetitive tasks, increasing employee productivity. This also goes hand in hand with automation and will free employees to focus on other work-related tasks, getting more done in less time.

Improved Inventory Tracking, Management And Security

Inventory tracking management and security have been an issue for a long time. So far, only the biggest and most profitable businesses can afford the equipment to track and manage inventory. However, with the development of IoT, even small businesses can manage and track their inventories more efficiently.

How To Stay Safe While Enjoying The Benefits Of IoT

Although IoT has many benefits for businesses and individuals alike, there’s no ignoring that these come at a cost. Unfortunately, this cost us our privacy. The interconnectivity of these devices and the tracking of their uses means that even more of our personal data and preferences will be available for anyone to see. As such, many people are wondering how they can still enjoy these benefits without sacrificing their online anonymity. The best, and easiest solution, is using a proxy service. Proxies can cover your entire network, thereby protecting all interconnected devices. They’ll change the IP address, encrypt information and add an extra layer of security to your entire network.

Final Thoughts

The Internet of Things has many benefits for businesses and individuals. From making grocery shopping more convenient to improving productivity at work, it’s clear that IoT is already making a major difference in our daily lives. However, to enjoy these benefits safely, users have to be more aware of their online presence and how to protect their privacy online. One of the best (and easiest) ways to do this is by using a proxy service.


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