Every organization or company in the industrial 5.0 era needs to have some sort of compliance program that regulates EHS, ESG, and quality aspects. Why? Because the program can help them to monitor and regulate their operational activities so that they still comply with applicable industry standards and do not violate “imposed” laws in certain areas or countries. Any violation of applicable laws or standards can land the company in serious trouble, which in some cases can lead to the cessation of company operations.

Whatever ISO you have to comply with (14001, 45001, 9001, IATF, etc.), it must be integrated into your company’s systems. Otherwise, you will always miss the obligation to comply with these standards. This is the core or the main reason why every company in this modern era must have some kind of compliance program that allows them to comply with laws and standards automatically and instantly. This cannot be done manually because it can include hundreds or even thousands of items. It is simply impossible for the human brain to memorize every single item and take actions based on them.

The next question is how do you have the intended compliance program? Do you have to make it yourself? Hire a bunch of programmers maybe? Wow, that would be a very time-consuming and costly job. Why not purchase a ready-to-use regulatory software that can be tailored to your needs (adjustable according to internal and external obligations that must be borne by your company)?

We introduce you to Nimonik!

This is a software development company that specializes in manufacturing EHSQ software which is the backbone of compliance management. With Nimonik inc. EHSQ software, you can easily carry out processes such as identification, extraction, document management, making business contracts, applying for permits, involving stakeholders, and so on. You can arrange each of these processes so that they can be adjusted in the list of obligations that you (your company) must comply with. The list of obligations usually includes a list of laws governing the industry and the industrial sector in which your company is located.

The advantages

Nimonik has some advantages over other EHSQ software companies in general. The company covers more data covering various countries. Not only that, but Nimonik is also adaptive to changes in regulations or certain standards. When viewed from other aspects, Nimonik EHSQ software also makes it easier. Ease here means no matter what your educational background is, you can definitely operate this software after learning it in a short time. Nimonik EHSQ software also provides a kind of tool that can link each of your company’s operational activities with applicable laws and standards. Everything is done automatically and quickly so that your company’s work efficiency is maintained, thereby reducing the potential for wasted costs as much as possible. The 400 thousand regulations, 40 thousand industry standards, and audit checklists for around 2 thousand standards and best practices covered by Nimonik are one of the indications why this company can be relied on.

How has Nimonik done so far?

So far Nimonik is an awesome compliance management software development company. The reason is that this company has many top clients. They are well-known brands that are known by billions of people in the world. Who doesn’t know Coca-Cola, Boeing, Caterpillar, and Bayer? They are all Nimonik’s clients, and of course, there is a reason why these giant companies are still working with Nimonik now. Because the compliance management software developed by Nimonik is proven to be able to assist them in preventing potential compliance violations in company activities. If you are now really interested in using Nimonik’s service, you can take a free 20-day trial. Thus, within 20 days you can judge for yourself whether the compliance management software developed by Nimonik is for you.

We hope that this information was useful to you and could make you think about the importance of protecting your company from preventable violations of the law. Thanks for reading and have a good day!


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