The Faraway Paladin Season 2 has been confirmed!! Crunchyroll announced on it’s official website confirming the sequel to this show. Let’s dig into the possible release date, plot, characters, and everything you need to know. Since we couldn’t be more glad regarding this Christmas gift, read about everything you need to know before you see the second season!!

Here’s all about the official announcement about the release

The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Release Date and Plot

This show is a Japanese light novel series inspired by a manga of the same manga! Kanata Yanagino writes this manga. And Kususaga Rin illustrates. Both of them have published around a total of 8 volumes till now via Overlap production. And it also has many light novels in works! Children’s Playground Entertainment heads the anime series which premiered recently on October 2021. The season 1 has 12 episodes. Due to Christmas break, the finale episode i.e., 12th episode is set to air on 3rd January 2022.

Crunchyroll made the Christmas Break less painful by giving what the fans needed on25th December 2021!! They announced on Christmas Eve that this series will have a second season!! And it also confirms that the production has also started. Looking back on season 1, season 2 might as well have 12 episodes! Since it will approx. a year for producing that many episodes we can make out a release date! We expect the season 2 to release End of 2022 or Early 2023.

The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Confirmed!! Release Date, Plot And More

The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Plot

In a distinct world we meet a lone human child. His name is Will. And  three undead namely: Blood, the hearty skeletal warrior; Mary, the graceful mummified priestess and Gus, the crotchety spectral sorcerer are raising this boy. But being a lone human he starts to question everything.  Who is he and what is his purpose? He then starts to learn more about his world. He uncovers past of this undead world. And in this pursuit he must learn love and mercy of the good gods. And also the bigotry and madness of the bad ones. After learning and implementing them, he can take his step as a Paladin! The main quote that follows this is as follows!

“I promised you. It’s gonna take a while, but I’ll tell you everything. This is the story of the deaths of many heroes. It’s the story of how we died, and it’s the reason you grew up here.”

The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Characters


William G. Maryblood

Voiced by: Maki Kawase (Japanese), Erica Mendez (English).

Human Incarnate living in the world of Dead.


Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi (Japanese), Bill Butts (English).

Will’s foster father and his combat instructor.


Voiced by: Yui Horie(Japanese), Veronica Taylor (English).

Foster mother of Will.


Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita (Japanese), Kirk Thornton(English).

Foster grandfather of Will and his sorcery teacher as well.


Voiced by: Ayumu Murase.

A masculine half-elf archer.


Voiced by: Aoi Yūki.

William has devoted himself to this Goddess.

The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Confirmed!! Release Date, Plot And More


Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi.

The deity of the Undead whom Blood, Mary, and Gus made a contract to.


Voiced by: Kōji Yusa.

Will’s friend who is a traveling salesman.

Robina Goodfellow

Voiced by: Eri Suzuki

A halfing Bard and a three-stringed rebec.

Ethelbald Rex Southmark

Voiced by: Atsushi Tamaru

Ruler of the city of Whitesails.

Bart Bagley

Voiced by: Minoru Inaba

Charge of a temple in Whitesails.


She is a novice priestess. She is Bart’s adopted daughter.


An adventurer. He assists William. He is also Anna’s husband.

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