Have you ever tried to convert your scanned PDF into editable and searchable? OCR is an advanced feature that allows you to transform your images, screenshots, or scanned PDF files into a text-based PDF file. Moreover, using the OCR feature, you can also copy and paste text from the PDF files. That’s why it’s important to use a PDF tool comprising OCR capabilities. This article will guide you on how to perform OCR using PDFelement for Mac and Windows. 

Part 1: How Does OCR Work? 

Do you know what is OCR PDF? Many students receive scanned PDF forms to fill out surveys for their assignments. To make the scanned PDF forms editable and searchable, an OCR feature is needed. By applying this feature, you can fill and edit your scanned PDF forms instantly. Moreover, this feature also identifies the misprinted data on your files to prevent human errors. 

Furthermore, if you have tables or graphs in the form of images, the OCR feature can help you. It will help you recognize the text inside images. By doing so, you can edit or copy the text in images instantly. OCR also saves you time in searching for a particular keyword in your PDF file. Thus, it’s an essential feature to help you in editing your scanned PDF documents. 

Part 2: Introducing an Advanced PDF OCR and Management Tool

Do you want an effective tool to perform OCR? Wondershare PDFelement is a powerful tool that contains an advanced OCR tool to convert scanned PDFs into editable ones. The OCR tool of PDFelement maintains the original document layout and formatting elements of your PDF file. Thus, you can get an editable and searchable PDF file without altering its original format. Moreover, you can also convert your PDF images into text and other formats using this OCR tool. 

To maximize your productivity while handling your PDF files, PDFelement for Mac and Windows is the most convenient tool. 

To perform OCR on your PDFs effortlessly, download Wondershare PDFelement on your system. 

Part 3: Steps to Perform OCR Using a Powerful PDF Tool

Are you ready to perform OCR on your PDF file? Read this part to learn how to efficiently perform OCR on PDFs:

Step 1: Import Scanned PDF 

After launching Wondershare PDFelement, select the “Open File” button from the left section. Now browse the scanned PDF file from your PC and tap on the “Open” button to upload it. 

Step 2: Adjust OCR Settings 

Once done, navigate to the “Tools” option given on top. Now you can either select “OCR” or “OCR Area” options. Through OCR Area, you can manually select the area of your PDF to perform OCR. If you have selected “OCR,” a small menu will open. From this menu, you can choose the scan options like “Scan to Editable Text” or “Scan to Searchable Text in Image.”

Step 3: Apply the OCR 

Under the Page Range section, you can choose the number of pages to apply OCR. Also, you can select the language under the Language Recognition section. Once done, hit the “Apply” button. Now the tool will open the editable document on another tab. You can save this version of your file by going to the “File” tab and tapping on the “Save As” button.

Part 4: Is This PDF Tool Worth It for Applying OCR on Scanned Documents?

PDFelement conducts OCR on PDFs with high accuracy and efficiency. It supports more than 20 languages and provides precise results. After performing OCR, you can extract data from selected parts of your scanned PDF and use them for further use. To increase your work speed, PDFelement provides batch OCR. Through this facility, you can perform OCR on multiple files at the same time. 

Furthermore, this tool also offers a Document Cloud option through which you can save your PDF files easily. By doing so, you don’t have to carry your PDF files separately on your desktop or smartphone. You can quickly navigate to its cloud storage to access and save PDFs without any hassle. Its cloud storage platform offers 1GB of free space. 

Part 5: Other Essential Features of this OCR Tool

  • Edit PDF: PDFelement offers an editing feature through which you can add text, images, hyperlinks, and watermarks to your file. You can also change the background of your PDF file using this feature. 
  • Convert PDF: Do you want to convert your PDF file into another format? PDFelement allows you to convert PDF files to Office files, images, and other popular formats. This feature provides you with a high-speed conversion experience. 
  • Annotate PDF: This software also functions as a PDF annotator, through which you can add comments, suggestions, sticky notes, and text boxes efficiently. 
  • Read PDF: To enhance your reading experience, PDFelement offers various reading modes. You can use Single Page View, Single Page Scrolling, Two Page View, and other modes for comfortable reading. 


OCR is a mandatory feature to handle our daily workflow smoothly. If you have received scanned forms, images, and files, the OCR feature can greatly assist you. To use the best PDF solution for applying OCR, PDFelement is the most authentic tool. The OCR feature in Wondershare PDFelement offers instant yet accurate results, which makes this tool highly reliable.


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