Duke of Edinburg, Prince Philips husband of Queen Elizabeth II left for the hospital on Wednesday as Preventative measures. He spent his second day at the hospital.

Prince Philip went to the King Edward VII hospital in London. After when he complained about his illness and consultancy with the doctor prior to this week. Buckingham Palace shared this information. The Duke is going to turn 100 this year. Prince walked himself to the hospital for his observation and treatments and there wasn’t an emergency situation.

 Prince Philip spent his second day at hospital | EDF
Prince Philip spent his second day at hospital | EDF

The observation wasn’t Covid-19 related. This January both the Royal Highnesses Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philips Vaccinated.

Prince Philips was last seen publically in 2017 when he got retired from the post of Duke of Edinburg due to his aging and some health issues. He also received medical treatment in 2019 due to his pre-existing condition.

Prince is expected to stay at the hospital for a few more days for his observation and treatments. He would be taking a rest at the hospital.

Prince Philip’s early life:

Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II was born on  10th June 1921. He married Queen on 2oth November  1947. Queen gave birth to his four children. Charles, Anne, Andrew, and  Edward.  King George VI the Duke of Edinburgh on 19 November 1947, the eve of his wedding. He was the first member of the royal family to fly in a helicopter for visiting the armed forces when he assigned as chairman of the Coronation Commission.

 Queen Elizabeth II and Price Philip |EDF
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip |EDF

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