The Consequences of Growing, Cultivating, or Selling Marijuana

The American state of Ohio considers Marijuana a Schedule I substance as this drug can be subject to abuse and addiction because it also contains a medicinal value. Ohio is different from other states that have legalized marijuana use (medical or recreational). In these states, growing or growing and cultivating cannabis is acceptable for medicinal purposes or simply because it is no longer illegal and gets the similar treatment as alcohol (although this varies from state to state as each has its set of laws and penalties for possession). Penalties for unlawful cultivation or possession in Ohio include prolonged prison time and monetary penalties, according to the amount possessed and other factors.

So, if you knowingly engage in any such activity, you can be subject to conviction. You can face arrest and the subsequent outcomes depending on the severity of your case. However, it doesn’t mean the end of everything. It would be best if you tried to release yourself on bail. A bail bonds agency like Castle Bail Bonds can pay the fine on your behalf so you can carry on with other parts of the proceedings. But before this, let’s get an idea of the price you have to pay for illegal activities like these.

Charges for illegal marijuana production

It will be a case of a minor misdemeanor if the officers catch you with less than 100 grams of Marijuana, and the fine can amount to USD$ 150. However, things change if they arrest you near a school or with a child. It becomes a fourth-degree misdemeanor offense. Fine can be the same, but you may have to spend 30 days in prison. Possessing 100-200 gms of the same substance will also have the same consequences as the one just mentioned. But it will be a third-degree misdemeanor if you get caught up with this amount near a school or with a child. While the monetary penalty will be the same, the jail term can increase up to 60 days.

Fines drastically increase for possessing 200 grams to 1 kilogram of Marijuana. Depending on the location of your arrest and other factors, a fine can amount to USD$2,500 to 5,000. Jail term can also be there: at least 6 to 18 months. From there, penalties only become steep and harsher. You may not arrange for the sum immediately. But don’t worry about this. A bail bonds company can rescue you from this by paying on your behalf as per the payment plan.

Things to consider

No matter what brings you to this fate, you must not think it is the end of the road. Instead, you have every right to defend yourself. For this, you will need an attorney. So, first, get yourself released with the help of a bail bondsman and prepare for your case from thereon.

Sometimes, people grow Marijuana because they have actual medicinal needs. Or, you may be going through a challenging phase of life. Regardless of anything, you must not lose hope and put up a strong fight. It is all the more critical if you never had intent to grow or sell this illegal substance but somehow got unlucky.

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