The Captain’s Art Of Balancing Team India

As a result of Virat Kohli’s departure as captain in all three forms, many captains have taken leadership of the team, despite Rohit Sharma’s rapid designation as his successor.

Even though the Indian cricket team has just one captain across all three forms, six different individuals have headed Team India since Virat Kohli stood down in January. Team India broke a long-standing precedent when Jasprit Bumrah became the leader of the squad for the one-off Test against England at Edgbaston. This is a Cricket new update.

In recent years, there have been several skipper changes due to schedule difficulties, injuries, and physical fitness concerns. Despite the early selection of Rohit Sharma as Virat Kohli’s replacement, many captain changes have happened after the Indian captain announced his departure in all three formats. In contrast, Rohit Sharma was forced to skip many matches owing to reoccurring fitness and workload management issues. This increasing rate of leadership changes has only compounded the instability inside the team, which has contributed significantly to India’s recent drubbings in all formats.

  • Responsibilities Of Leadership

As the captain of a cricket team, you have a tremendous lot of responsibilities. It has no similarities with team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, etc. This involves coin flips and coping with teammates’ anger if things escalate during a football game, for instance.

In football, a team’s manager or head coach may be the most important figure, but in cricket, the captain makes all crucial on- and off-field decisions.

When it comes to a team’s success, a strong leader is essential. Using their leadership abilities, they will inspire and motivate the team to achieve success. In most instances, captains are selected based on their experience, level of performance, and squad position (primarily batters).

As was previously said, the role of the captain in cricket is much more than in other sports. In general, captains assume duties equivalent to those of a manager in other sports. These duties include guiding the team, deciding on strategy and tactics, making picks, and planning, as well as establishing the batting order, bowling order, and fielding positions. Off the field, the captain may be responsible for a variety of game-related tasks, such as meeting selection, scheduling, and execution. In addition to game-related duties, the captain may be responsible for dealing with the media, establishing a long-term plan, and working with club authorities. To achieve all of these objectives, the team captain must be an excellent leader who can effectively manage the many qualities and personalities that make the squad.

  • Importance Of Leadership Stability

Leadership is a vital component of good athletic performance, particularly in a competitive environment. Stability is one of the most highly regarded qualities of a successful leader. They have a stabilizing influence on others and generate this effect as well. Leadership and stability are both vital qualities, but they are not necessarily mutually incompatible. Some leaders have tremendous leadership qualities, yet their actions may not always reflect their principles. Loss of faith within a unit is caused by instability, yet a stable leader may assist the unit keep its composure and composure through times of stress.

they seldom consider stability as a leadership quality until it is absent. It is a recipe for disaster to have a lousy boss who adds to the already high levels of stress and strife in the office. When this occurs, it has a detrimental influence on growth, productivity, trust, and focus.

Given the current conditions, it is essential to emphasize how important it is for the Indian cricket team to have a captain who is not prone to frequent replacement. Throughout the last several months, the position of captain has been plagued with uncertainty, especially throughout the home series against South Africa, the tour of Ireland, and the one-off Test against England. 

When there is so little time between seasons, it is not optimal to have new captains for each. This also implies that if a new captain is selected for the team, the squad will have to adjust its playing style to meet the new captain’s. India must employ the same set of players for both the Asia Cup in August 2022 and the Twenty20 World Cup in October 2022, both of which will be hosted in Australia. In addition, the remaining matches before the World Cup should get the bulk of the focus.

  • The Present Situation

Seven months have passed since the Indian cricket team had a new captain. Nonetheless, the team was only split. In key events, the Indian national soccer team continued to endure heavy setbacks. Consider the seven captains who have served under Rahul Dravid’s leadership as head coach.

Due to the frequent change of leaders, the team’s confidence was likely diminished and the players’ thoughts were filled with uncertainty. In addition, the numerous captain changes of the Indian squad did not sit well with the team’s followers, who expressed their unhappiness via humorous social media memes.

India has enjoyed a successful run in Tests, but they have yet to win a trophy, whether it is the Test Championship or the World Twenty20. India will host the 50-over World Cup for the second time in two years.

According to reports, some top players have requested respite for the next series against West Indies commencing in July. According to former captain Sunil Gavaskar, the notion of players resting is undesirable. He said, “If you do not take a vacation during the IPL, then why do you ask for a break when playing for Team India?”

Who will succeed Virat Kohli? Numerous individuals have been discussing this matter for some time. As captain of the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League, Rohit Sharma has been brilliant. However, since he is older than Kohli and more susceptible to injury, he is not the team’s long-term solution. Nonetheless, Rohit Sharma is the man of the moment.

Over the last fourteen years, the command has performed very well at sea. Due to the personnel involved, you shouldn’t be very concerned if the boat is a little shaky. Ultimately, the captain of the Indian cricket team is the most powerful position in the sport. So fasten your seatbelt and be ready for a tough journey. We have endured far more than this. And trust me when he says they will win no matter what they do.


Individuals may learn from all of these circumstances that in every situation, regardless of the industry, it is essential to work with excellent team members and pursue their passions.

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