Football Games: With the excitement of the offseason behind us, the new NFL season 2022 promises to be one the most thrilling yet.

This time of year has many traditions and preambles. From checking the opening weekend NFL Lines, to making your first fantasy Football selections. For gamers, however, there is also great anticipation surrounding the launch of Madden. EA’s NFL Game was launched in 1988 and has been a major player over all other games. However, there are many other football-based games. Here are some of our favorites.

10 Yard Fighting

This classic arcade game first appeared in 1980s arcades. It was then transferred to the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was a simple version of football where you had to move the ball forward by passing the ball around or running. It is a stage that was important in the development of football and will be remembered fondly by the older gamers.

NFL Blitz

This was NBA Jam’s pro football counterpart from 1990s. It makes sense, given that Midway made both of these games. Another arcade-friendly game, this featured players running at high speed and throwing footballs with smoke spraying out. The game introduced some new rules to the NFL. You no longer had to advance the ball 10 yds. Instead, you could move it 30 yds. It was also seven-on-7, an option that EA originally wanted.

Tecmo Bowl

Tecmo Bowl, a legend in NFL games was also created in arcades. However, the game gained the greatest popularity during its time on NES. Although Tecmo was a little more advanced than the football video games of that time, it was still fairly simple. There were two run plays and two pass plays. Apart from the amazing music, the best thing about the game was the unstoppability of playing as the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Raiders. Walter Payton, Bo Jackson, and Bo Jackson were almost unplayable.

NFL GameDay 1998

Sony made NFL games in the past, but now the company is most well-known for its MLB The Show. Sony’s GameDay’98 was the first NFL game to feature three-dimensional players. The Total Control Passing feature, which allowed you to direct your receivers towards a particular location or underthrow to prevent a turn, was also featured in the game.

Madden NFL 2004

Each year there is a new video game. But for many football game enthusiasts, the 2004 edition of the game is the best. Quarterback Michael Vick was the main star of the cover. He also had a dominating presence in the game with his strong arm and speed for wide receivers. While it made for less realistic gameplay, it was still entertaining.


In an era in which Madden was Madden’s primary adversary, the 2K series was often rated higher by critics and fans. Sega released NFL 2K5 on July 4, 2004 at a cost of $19.99. This was an direct challenge to EA’s more expensive product. It also had a major licensing deal from ESPN. The game also included a strong Franchise mode, which allowed users to control their team and guide them through multiple seasons. This was unfortunately the last 2K game, though it was certainly Sony’s best effort. EA had an exclusive deal to the NFL.

NCAA Football 14.

While college football has not seen the same amount as the NFL’s efforts, EA produced a parallel NCAA series. It was the best and most successful. After multiple seasons where it seemed to be in Madden’s shadows, this edition stood alone and became a distinct entity. Virtual players behaved more like their real counterparts, which enhances the gameplay.


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