The Benefits of Dubbing Your Film

As the industry of film making becomes more and more abundant, many excellent masterpieces are produced each year in various countries. Most of those films require dubbing to be available to a wide audience. This article describes the essence of film dubbing and its benefits to film production studios.

What is film dubbing?

Surely, everyone watches movies from time to time – some people are keen on watching films or TV series every day, while for others, it’s only on occasion. We have access to many different films in modern times, including those made abroad. When an international film appears on the screen, it is usually accompanied by dubbing or subtitles.

Before such streaming platforms as Netflix or Amazon Prime were established on the market, all the international films used dubbing. Subtitles are often used for films on these platforms, but dubbing is still obligatory for movies that enter the cinema. The process of film dubbing means that the original voice tracks are covered with those interpreted in another language.

Film dubbing might seem something casual and regular. However, it requires tough preparation. First of all, the original voice track is transcribed, which means that the text is put on paper or an electronic document. Then it has to be translated by qualified interpreters with the adaptation to the specific language. This process is also known as localization, and it is essential as, for example, jokes in one country could mean nothing in another. So, they should be appropriately processed and changed according to the specific language.

Once the preparation steps are completed, the film dubbing itself takes place. It is necessary to cast dubbing actors whose voices would match those in the movie or cartoon. This would help to hand over the corresponding intonations, tone of voice, and other details present in the actors’ original voices.

Very often, the process of dubbing is coordinated by a manager who is also known as a casting director. The narration in the new dubbing language is done in a way to represent the film as close to the original as possible in the sense of emotions, reactions, and timing.

The benefits of film dubbing

When the film uses dubbing, it automatically gets access to a range of benefits. The most obvious of them is that the film production studio reaches wider audiences and gains more profits. Another advantage is that film dubbing is much more effective and pleasing than subtitles.  Using dubbing in movies makes the spectators concentrate on the film itself rather than reading subtitles and getting distracted. This promotes engagement.

Interpreting a film into several languages provides opportunities for film production companies to enjoy the benefits of the global market. This refers to high profits and outstanding awareness rates all over the world. When a film appears in several different countries, its production team and actors gain popularity, which could be beneficial for their future careers and projects too.

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