The Benefits Different Payment Handlers Can Bring To Your Business

It used to be that paying for goods required you to have gold pieces and the like, but we really needn’t go that far back. You see, there’s been an even bigger shift than the shift from gold and silver to coins was, the shift from at the very least, having a credit or debit card to hand, to being able to pay using a huge range of different payment handlers, with just the click of a button. We’re going to discuss some of the benefits that the different payment handlers can offer your customers and your business. 


PayPal was one of the forerunners of the alternative payment handling movement, founded all the way back in 1998. It’s changed a lot since the beginning, but its principal goal has always been the same, to offer customers a different way to pay. Nowadays you’ll find a PayPal option at almost every online checkout as they’re partnered with Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce and many other mainstream online shop platforms. At the moment there’s a growing number of PayPal casinos UK, owing to the fact that many customers find PayPal an easier way of managing their money than with a traditional bank. Vegas Slots Online have compiled a list of casinos where this deposit method is available, alongside the bonuses that new customers can expect, as well as the variety of games on offer. All of this information is important for new customers, but the option to use this payment method might be the deciding factor. For example, PayPal payments are almost instantaneous, meaning that deposits and withdrawals from online casinos can be quicker than what a customer might experience from a high street bank. Of course, these benefits don’t just apply to the casino industry, customers will benefit from instantaneous payments wherever they’re making payments. 

Shop Pay, by Shopify 

Shop Pay is a payment handler owned by the online shop platform Shopify. The clever integration of Shop Pay into Shopify stores was a great start for this payment handler, but it performed so well that it’s now available on a whole host of platforms. Facebook, Google and other online stores, like clothing giant Boohoo, or handmade household name, Etsy have all taken the opportunity to have Shop Pay as an option at their checkout. Like PayPal, Shopify wanted to give customers an alternative way to pay, but unlike PayPal they’ve thought of a couple of different options that can make the shopping experience even more convenient. As well as letting customers pay in a ‘one-click’ format, they also allow customers the option to pay for goods in multiple smaller payments. As long as the total cost of the item falls between the parameters of $50 and $3000, Shop Pay will allow customers to split this into four smaller payments, which some might find more manageable. This is not only beneficial to customers, but is also beneficial to businesses that sell higher ticket items. In order to use Shop Pay, customers must store their mobile number, card details, billing details and shipping details within the app. In return for using Shop Pay, this payment handler promises to always promote local business first and foremost and will plant trees for every transaction completed. 

Google Pay and Apple Pay 

Perhaps the most widely used of the payment handlers are Google Pay and Apple Pay. The vast majority of smartphone users will have an Apple or Google device, with Android devices offering their own payment methods. The ability to pay on a mobile phone in a physical store is useful to people, as they don’t need to remember their wallets in order to purchase goods. Like PayPal and Shop Pay, neither of these providers passes on transaction fees to customers and both offer super quick payments. They’re the most widely supported of all of the payment handlers listed, with availability in 28 countries and agreements with various mobile banking apps. As well as being usable in a physical retail outlet, both payment types can also be used in online stores. Using the online store method can speed up payments for customers and they’ll benefit from enhanced security. These security measures promise to totally prevent fraud and dramatically reduce any other malicious attempts that could be made to the confidential information or security of customers. 

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