With so many video games vying for your attention, it can make it difficult to know which direction you should take this interest. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all offering various benefits to their consoles that might persuade you in any of these three directions. Beyond that, there is also the option of PC gaming, allowing you to build the most powerful machine possible so you can enjoy a huge plethora of titles with whomever you please.

However, there is a fifth, quiet contender – the smartphone. Mobile gaming might not be a secret, exactly, but it is certainly a different route to take compared with the more mainstream console approaches, and part of that might be because of the unique market and library of games available on your phone.

Benefit 1: Enjoy Immediate Experiences

The mobile gaming market is very different to what you might find on a console. Whereas consoles have the power and environment to slowly immerse the players in a story and world, mobile games are much more focused on immediate experiences. You’ll likely be able to see this difference first-hand when you peruse popular recommendations for mobile games, but it can also be felt by the kinds of different experiences that smartphones allow. An obvious example of this is Pokémon Go and how it emphasized exercise by incorporating real-world exploration into its gameplay. 

Benefit 2: Different Kinds of Games

The great thing about smartphones is that there are so many games out there to try. If you feel as though you’re looking for a fun way to exercise your body or brain, you might be in luck, and there might be several mobile games available that can help you to reach this positive end. If you are looking for a way to relax or enjoy an adrenaline rush, you’ll find a whole host of games, too, from games like Stardew Valley to casino games. 

Furthermore, new games are always right around the corner, thanks to the app store. Don’t know where to start with this or how to navigate the app store to find what you need. Don’t worry! You can turn to online guides and look through all the reliable casino mobile apps that offer the best slot games to find the best one to start using.

Benefit 3: It’s in the Name

The fact that this device is mobile is something that you might think is a negative, due to the impact it has on the hardware and its ability to play demanding titles. However, this neglects all of the far more obvious benefits that this portability allows. 

Getting into gaming on your smartphone means that you immediately have a way to pass the time when you’re waiting for something, in a long commute or journey, or just otherwise bored in almost any context. Knowing that you’re only a tap away from whichever game has your interest can be incredibly useful. 

Benefit 4: The Immediate Access

If you’re just now deciding that you want to give gaming a go, you might find the sudden investment of a console or suitably powerful PC as difficult to justify, especially if your interest in gaming is more of curiosity. In this case, being able to play games on a device that you more than likely already have access to is the perfect solution, and can help you get even more use out of something that already has a tremendous amount of utility.

Not to mention, thanks to the app store, you have an easy and trustworthy way of sampling games, without any uncertainty involved as to whether or not you’re going about it the right way.


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