TEXAS Winter Death Increasing, Man body found Frozen in ICE

On Tuesday, at least 24 deaths have been reported due to a winter storm in U.S Southeast. Also, one man was found frozen to death on his couch in Texas. The officials have also identified the death of a homeless man, found outside. As stated by the Abilene Fire Chief ‘Cande Flore’, due to this freezing temperature three people have lost their lives this week.

TEXAS Winter Death Increasing, Man body found Frozen in ICE

There are millions of citizens facing a power blackout. This was caused due to the excess usage of residential heaters. According to, many residents have faced power outrage for complete four days. Also, there are about 400,000 population still facing this blackout.

Vaccine delays in TEXAS due to this historic winter storm

This ruthless storm has led to the closure of COVID-19 inoculation centres, obstructing vaccine supplies. The Texas Department of State Health Services has announced that there will be a delay in the shipment of vaccines around the state. The official from the department stated, “No one wants to put vaccine at risk by attempting to deliver it in dangerous conditions.”

TEXAS Winter Death Increasing, Man body found Frozen in ICE

According to officials

Dan Woodfin is the senior director of system operations at ERCOT. While commenting on the situation he said the current winter storm passed “well beyond the design parameters for a typical, or even an extreme, Texas winter that you would normally plan for.” Representative James Talarico tweeted, “A state that prides itself on energy production left millions of its citizens to freeze in the dark.”

Currently, the state is dealing with the crisis. After this massive destruction, the state is facing its consequences. As the situation is terrible.

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