Texas Struggling for Clean water, Around 14M People suffering

As Texas ii facing a crisis and has experienced a pathetic condition, the state has now another obstacle to cross. Approximately 14 Million citizens are still facing water outrages. The crisis has made the Texans boil the scrapped snow from the wall and utilize it.

A consequence of a brutal storm in Texas

Texas Struggling for Clean water, Around 14M People suffering

Although many more are waiting in a queue outside the Houston stadium for bottled water. After straight five days of a power cut, the grid is finally back on track. However, the officials are hoping of reloading of water supply, in order to bring the life of Texans on track. On the other hand, in Austin hospital staffs were forced to use trash bags for cleaning the toilets as they were unable to wash their hands due to a shortage of water.

According to the Austin American Statesman,  many patients have been shifted to the state capital. Due to the lack of heat, various facilities have been interrupted. As informed by Greg Meszaros 325 million gallons have been wasted due to pipes bursting. This loss is estimated faced in Austin alone.

As reported on Tuesday many Texans lost their lives due to a winter storm in U.S. Southeast. As a result of this brutal storm, Texas continues to face the crisis.

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