french Tech Polynesia has sent off the third release of its major Tech4Islands Grants 2021 rivalry, a worldwide contest for development by and for the islands to bring out creative Tech For Good arrangements that are biological, supportable and versatile, “really great for the islands. hence really great for the planet”.

Sent off in 2019, the Tech4Islands Grants contest coordinated by French Tech Polynesia on the Oceanian, abroad and global scale has taken on its full worldwide aspect, specifically following the extraordinary outcome of the 2020 version with something like 186 creative competitor arrangements from 37 Nations and Domains all over the planet, including 56 from the island regions of Oceania and the Abroad Domains.

Functional and proficient arrangements, uniting in excess of 5,000 positions with a view to their organization on an island scale, specifically through the making of miniature creation units and miniature areas adjusted to the islands, including the most far off.

The Tech4Islands drive expects to accommodate the two extraordinary insurgencies of hundred years: advanced change and environmental progress, so the principal serves the second. The islands, through their geological, authentic and social association with their current circumstance and to the seas, can in this detect become ideal instances of this connection among innovation and environment, demonstrators of imaginative arrangements, conscious of nature, culture and island conventional information, while advancing the making of values, exercises and occupations.

Tech4Islands Grants 2021: here we go!
The 4 tomahawks of this third release of the Tech4Islands Grants 2021 rivalry and its guidelines have this year been planned in aggregate knowledge, on account of the striking co-development work of the Tech4Islands Team which prepares 63 entertainers from the private and scholastic areas (college, associations of examination) and public from Polynesia, New Caledonia, the Pacific and the Abroad Regions.

The 4 fundamental Tech4Islands 2021 tomahawks obviously confirm the guideline of the indistinguishable connection between island influence and worldwide effect.

Tech 4 One-Sea : Creative answers for reinforce the flexibility of islands, transformation to environmental change, security of the seas and their biodiversity, and to create a practical, without carbon and contemplated blue economy.
Tech 4 One-Wellbeing : Imaginative answers for address the difficulty of a coordinated way to deal with great human, creature and natural wellbeing, as well as the development of the agronomic and fisheries areas in a setting of worldwide changes in the islands.
Tech 4 One-Planet : Imaginative answers for convey sustainable power sources, guarantee admittance to drinking water and disinfection, and make ventures with low ecological effect that incorporate human qualities and assets, the production of occupations, the miniature areas of the islands.
Tech 4 One-Humankind : Inventive answers for change the monetary, hierarchical and functional models of island improvement, support admittance to abundance and administrations for populaces, and assemble versatile, prospering and fair social orders.
The 2021 release of the Tech4Islands Grants is coordinated in a bilingual French and English form to prepare all the island States and Domains of the ocean bowls of the globe around the Tech4Islands dynamic.

This third release of the Tech4Islands Grants 2021 global contest is focused on new businesses in the seed stage, imaginative ETIs/SMEs/SMIs, as well as confidential entertainers in organization with a public exploration lab.


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