Taffy Tales Cheat Code – There are two cheat codes, one for maxing Stats & Money and saving Unlock. There are also some methods for earning money and finding stuff in . #taffytales

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Max Stats & Money

The Max Stats & Money Cheat Code is only available when you begin a new game. To use it, start the game, choose New Game, and then underneath the window where you may alter the MC game (before starting to play), you’ll find a box where you can input the Cheat Code.

taffy tales cheat code

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Save Unlock

With the Save Unlock Cheat Code, you’ll be able to start at the beginning of the new update. To use it, start the game, choose Load Game, and then click the padlock (Press to Unlock) and input the cheat code. You’ll also need to fill in the names of MC, Mary, and Tiffany, but you won’t need any help with that.

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Make Money

Making money isn’t difficult if you don’t want to utilise the cheat code. Proceed through the game until you unlock the unique container, which lets you generate money whenever you want in the men’s restroom. Once there, all you have to do is hit the green and yellow bars to complete the minigame. On the night of day 9, you’ll be able to open the unique container. You can begin earning money on day ten.

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taffy tales cheat code

How do you locate the items or locations that you require?

Several objects and locations must be obtained to proceed, including the Ruler, Tiffany Ball, School Closet, rope, and camera. They, on the other hand, do not have access to cheats. To unlock most essential goods, you must first unlock particular sequences and discussions or travel to specific locations.

It would be best if you use CTRL + F to locate the item you’re looking for in the text. If you can’t find it while playing, it’s because you’re missing a step. If you can’t find the previous step, we recommend starting a new game from the beginning and following the instructions.

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