It used to be that when a games console’s era was over, it would be insanely difficult to go back and play some of its greatest games, unless of course you had it hidden away in a cupboard somewhere and could go dust it down and set it up, but even that was a massive hassle. Luckily though, for us gaming fanatics, it’s now simple and easy to re-play classic consoles best titles.  

This is either through emulators available on websites, downloading the games onto current consoles through their online stores, or even purchasing the re-released versions of the consoles themselves that are becoming more and more popular.   

Now that it’s effortlessly possible to play these amazing games from the past, here’s our tips for the most supreme Super Nintendo sports games that you should seek out and play. You’ll have hours of retro sporting fun.  

Tecmo Super Bowl  

The NFL is the most watched sports league in America, and it was the same back in the 90’s when the Super Nintendo was in its heyday, meaning there was a fair few games featuring football released on the console. Tecmo Super Bowl is the pick of the bunch though, and was a real essential purchase for anyone who wanted to recreate the organized chaos of the NFL at home. 

Although there were two later sequels for the game, we’ve punted for the first release, which came out in 1993, because it just best encapsulated the crazy ups and downs of the sport. It was pure dynamite for two players to battle against each other, and still has a massive following to this day, because of its easy pick up and play gameplay. It even had three different weather conditions, meaning you could take to the field in sunshine, rain, and snow.  

Plus, if you were lucky enough to find out one of the ten best Game Shark codes for classic SNES games, you could program touchdowns to not count for the computer.  

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe 

When it comes to soccer games, the FIFA series is the current king, but for a short time Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series held the crown. This is the second game in the International Superstar Soccer series, which then morphed into the PES franchise in the late 90’s, and went on to sell more than 111 million copies worldwide by the end of 2020. 

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe was released in 1995, and brilliantly builds upon the foundations that Konami had set in their earlier release. There were more teams, more game modes such as World Series or a practice mode, more stadiums for games to take place in, brighter graphics that showcased the different coloured kits magnificently, especially against the vivid green of the pitch, and the ability to switch tactics and formations, which was breathtaking compared to soccer games that had come before.  

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Super Tennis  

As we roll into summer, it’s truly becoming tennis season, with the US Open due soon, which will be one of the five big 2022 sports events, like it is every year. Well, tennis fans got a treat on the Super Nintendo, with the amazing Super Tennis, which was released in 1991. The game was frantic fun, with gamers able to play lengthy rallies that put their finger-skills to the test. You could choose to do a variety of different shots using the different buttons of the controller, including; light volley, strong volley, top spin, lob, and smash. You could even put spin on the ball using the right and left trigger buttons, 

Perhaps the best part of the game was its exquisite sound design. Never had a tennis game sounded so much like the real sport. There were pings as the ball came off the rackets, satisfying thuds as a lob would touch down after seemingly an eternity in the sky, and also the raucous sound of the eager crowd whenever a point was won. The whole game was ace though, and there was certainly nothing to find fault with it.  


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