This announcement is a full description of the free products and discounted phones to members of Supi Gold .com.

Are you aware of the latest website which provides information related to giveaways that are held monthly? Do you have any of the latest devices through the Telegram group? If not, visit the link and read the steps to create each month’s giveaways.

A lot of users who are from India receive vouchers and gifts from a specific website following disseminating information about the website and playing games on the application. Also, there are weekly raffles, they follow those guidelines on the web site. Find out more information about the Telegram channel that is supported by Supi Gold .com.

Super Gold updates for users

Super Gold is among the Indian websites that advertise Indian products and showcases the latest models of smartphones and other gadgets through the provision of discounts on rates and goods priced at 99 rupees. The website provides surveys and games for users to participate in and finish the tasks within the time frame given.

There are certainly giveaways and vouchers for free to those who are interested in selling redeem codes as well as cashback offers. Users can sign up to the site with the help of a telegram account and then log in to be able to access the regular giveaway. Learn more about the link as well as the site that is Supi Gold .com.

Products for free are on our website

The website, which was updated following the upgrade on India, after the update in Indian market, has a selection of items and offers in various categories of gadgets and phones that are listed below:

  • Nikon z50 mirrorless DSLR camera
  • Nikon z50 DSLR
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB
  • 20% discount on products that cost more than 500 Rupees
  • Giveaway of iPhone 13
  • Cash prizes for redeeming coupons and links with link associates
  • iPhone 13 E3 series SS 128 GB
  • iPhone 13SP3 128 GB
  • Oneplus 9 Pro 5G 128 GB
  • Oneplus node 2 5g 128 GB
  • Samsung galaxy Z 435g 256 GB
  • Fre offers to Supi Gold .com for Samsung galaxy note 20 and 256 GB
  • Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G 256 GB
  • Vivo v21 5G 256 GB
  • MI 11X 5g 128 GB
  • Realme GT new 25g 128 GB
  • Oppo f3 GT 5G 256 GB
  • Realme SmartWatch 2 Pro

How do I be a part of the participation

Users can connect to the official site or use the Telegram link. By using the telegram link, you can take advantage of the scheduled monthly and weekly giveaways after taking part in the challenge and game. Furthermore, it is simple to receive cashbacks for orders and items priced below 99 rupees.

What is the reason why Supi Gold .com in the news?

Super Gold’s website is gaining popularity. It offers a variety of products, as well as the latest phone models of the Oneplus series to everyone who completes the survey. Each participant is assigned an assignment.


In conclusion, this report is about the Telegram website which offers free links to one of the websites, games with participants as well as surveys that are free. Certain changes were made to the site, such as cashback deals as well as voucherswere added to allow gifts to the players.

Write a review of the authenticity of the items you’ve received following completion of the survey, as well as games and the websites you have chosen. Do you believe Supi Gold .com is genuine?


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