Supernatural Season 16 Release Date: Spoilers and More

First broadcast in September, 2005, Supernatural has stayed for 15 years with us. The show follows Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean on their journey to annihilate demons, monsters, ghosts and other terrible supernatural creatures.

Creator and producer of the show, Eric Kripke had originally planned for the show to have only three seasons. Although, later it was expanded till season five. Season five had concluded the main narrative of the show. However, the series continued for another ten seasons and became one the longest running American TV series. Sadly, the series came to an end after fifteen seasons.

The fifteenth season had 20 episodes. The finale season aired in October, 2019.

The series mainly focuses on Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki in the roles of Dean and Sam Winchester respectively. The show also stars Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Samantha Ferris and others in major roles.

Supernatural season 16: what we know so far

Supernatural Season 16 Release Date?

Is this end of one of the longest running fantasy shows? Will Winchester brothers ever make a comeback? Unfortunately, the answer is, No. Supernatural has ended with fifteen seasons, so there won’t be a next one.

Spoiler alert!

In the series finale we see Winchester brothers getting the ending that they deserved. Sam and Dean both have died multiple times on the show but have always come back. However, in the final episodes we see Dean getting killed on a hunt. Dean makes his brother Sam promise that he will not bring him back.

In a flash forward we see, Sam is an old man now with a son of his own. Sam dies a peaceful death and is reunited with Dean in heaven. The show ends with the two brothers smiling and hugging it out.

Will Sam’s son become the next hunter?

The ending of Supernatural left us all deep in the feels. The fans were quite emotional over the Winchester brothers’ happy ending. However, the fans are speculating several comeback theories for the show. For instance, the next could follow the journey of Sam’s son as the hunter of evil supernatural beings. Sam’s son also has an anti-possession tattoo, suggesting he’s also a hunter.

Supernatural season 16: what we know so far

We could also expect a spinoff set in some other Supernatural dimension filled with demons, angels, monsters and more. In the meantime you could keep yourself busy by rewatching all your favorite Supernatural episodes.

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