Summer is indeed a huge change from the prolonged cold weather. It provides an avenue to finally explore the outdoors without restriction, from months of being limited to the indoors. 

As a result, there will be many outdoor gatherings, vacations, thunderstorms, and traveling, which can be too much for your pet. While you will likely enjoy these activities, your furry friend might be having a bad time with them. 


Many pets display signs of emotional stress during summer. As a result, they might be reluctant to go on the road trip with you. Also, thunderstorms and fireworks might leave them scared. 

However, you can calm your pet in many ways and ease their stress. Whether traveling or having friends over for a barbecue, these tips can help your pet handle the emotional stress.

Here are five tips to make the summer period bearable for your pet:

Consider Calming Supplements

Have you tried everything to calm your pet without success? You might consider going for calming supplements. Even humans rely on various natural supplements to calm their nerves and relieve anxiety in stressful situations. As a result, your dog will likely benefit from a harmless supplement. 

Consider visiting Vetriscience for a series of supplements that can help your pets – cat and dogs. Such products improve their dental health, increase bone density, and reduce stress. 

Be Smart With the feeding Routine

Unknown to many pet owners, energy requirement in pets rises as the ambient temperature rises. Since dogs pant a lot to bring down their body temperature, they need more energy in summer. As a result, pet owners should make up for the increased energy demands by giving them an energy-rich diet. 

Their tiredness might increase due to a lack of energy. They need foods that will meet their daily energy needs, vitamins and mineral requirements, and others. As a result, a curd rice diet will not do as it has excessive moisture content.

For pets on dry food, consider combining it with wet food. The moisture content increases, which makes it easy to eat. Change the feeding time to the cooler part of the day – early in the morning and late evening. 

Beware of Critters 

One needs to restrict and control the pet’s movement during summer. Snake and other creeping insects can concern your pet during summer. 

Teach your pet not to be excessively curious. From a tender age, ensure they stay away from things even at the slightest command. When your dog obeys, reward her for it. It would be best if you had a short, understandable phrase like “go back” that you will use to call her to caution. 

You also need to avoid ticks, and other parasites, especially if you live in bushland areas. As a result, consider having high-quality tick prevention medication. Also, invest in a safe bug repellant for your pet.

Exercise their Mind and Body

A tired dog is a well-behaved dog, according to many pet owners. When your dog is physically and emotionally exhausted, it can limit its stress reaction. 

In the same way, exercise helps reduce stress in humans; pets going through stressful situations can also find relief via training. As a result, if you anticipate a stressful situation, consider having enough exercise for your dog before and after the event. 

The recommended exercises are a long run, a game of fetch, and a tug of war. Also, consider exercising their mind by giving them enrichment toys. With this, you can bring their stress level down such that they will not act out should they be stressed. 

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Encourage and Supervise Water Play

While dogs know how to swim, the possibility of drowning is high when exhausted, and there is no way to get out of the water. Even though cats also know how to swim, they will likely prefer not to. As a result, responsible pet owners have to watch their pets when around water.

Here are some tips:

  • Constant Pool Patrol: in other words, the pool should be fenced with gates locked always. Also, there should be easy egress for your pet from the pool. Dogs get tired easily swimming, so make it easy to come out. You might need to trip to the vet if your dog swallows chlorinated water in excessive quantity.
  • Be Watchful at the beach: Your dogs might be excited at the beach since there is even a possibility of meeting other dogs. However, one needs to be careful as it could be stressful for puppies or dogs with anxiety. On the other hand, confident and social dogs might have no problem with this. Ensure you know how your dog behaves when happy, timid, or excited, and watch for clues. 
  • Know the lakes and Rivers: even though your pets are better off swimming in freshwater lakes, many people leave them in creeks. However, prevent them from playing in still water. Also, don’t let them drink such water.
  • Be Careful on Boats: There is a high chance your dog might fall off your boat, especially when the conditions get stressful. 


That summer is coming is not a license for your pet to be miserable. You can engage many positive tips to calm your pet, reduce the stress associated with summer, and keep them in good condition. 


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