Dark Soul III does not disappoint just like the rest of the series. This amazing action role-playing game is best when you can’t go outside. There I am going to tell you some amazing weapons you get to see in this game that is going to be key to your success. 

Wolnir’s Holy Sword

High Lord Wolnir soul has been transposed in this sword. That creepy! Still have great strength and faith and can cause physical damage it can be a threat to opponents.  It’s is one of the versatile weapons for open areas against multiple foes or a sole adversary within tight confines.

strongest weapon in dark souls 3

Crow Talons

Its thin blades can shred an opponent to ribbons before they can blink. One of the best things about it is that its weapon art called Raptor Flurry .

launches the user forward and lets loose six high-damaging swipesanc hit for great damage and staggers and applies bleed to the target as well.

strongest weapon in dark souls 3

Demon’s Greataxe

This popular weapon is known for its scorching power. Its physical and fire attacks result in great damage. You just need less stamina per swing than any other great axe. Its Demonic Flare art is the best as it. immolates any opponent too close. You can harness this cool weapon by transposing the Soul of a Demon. I guess having a Demon in its name can tell that it is strong.

strongest weapon in dark souls 3

Moonlight Greatsword

Every player desire to have this Weapon. You can harness this great weapon by transposing the Souls of Consumed Oceiros. 

It’s ideal for two handlings as it has a high amount of poise on this weapon. It’s a powerful weapon having fire and physical attacks.

strongest weapon in dark souls 3


Black Knight Greataxe

This belongs to the mightiest weapon. If you have high stamina then this weapon can be a versatile weapon for you. This weapon causes a 20% damage increase against demons.

strongest weapon in dark souls 3

Old King’s Great Hammer

It’s the most powerful weapon and also belongs to the heaviest weapons. It’s satisfying when you slay opponents with this hefty weapon. You can harness this great weapon by transposing Souls of the Old Demon King.  The Dark Soul Description says that This weapon has survived since old Izalith and is imbued with remnants of the Chaos Flame.

strongest weapon in dark souls 3

I hope it was helpful. Remember Sharing is Caring. Be safe and happy. Stay with Evedonus Film for the latest updates.


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