First, You Should Get Good at Beating the Micro Stakes.

Now, I have to confess that the first piece of advice I have for you about online poker is not necessarily the one that is the most well-liked. And the best way to do it is to begin with the micro stakes.

But what exactly does it imply when people talk about the “micro stakes”?

When I talk about the micro stakes in online poker, I’m talking to the games that start at 1 cent and 2 cents for the blinds (2NL) and go all the way up to 25 cents and 50 cents for the blinds (50NL).

These days, there are online poker sites that offer games that start as little as two cents and five cents, or even five cents and ten cents. However, my recommendation is that you always begin with the smallest investment that is offered.

1. Professional strategy for online poker on how to improve your online poker game.

If you are new to online poker or have had a hard time winning so far, it is absolutely necessary that you learn how to crush the weaker players at the lower limits first. I know that everyone wants to play for high stakes and make a lot of money, but if you are new to online poker or have had a hard time winning so far, it is really necessary that you learn how to

And the reason for this is that doing so is going to drive you to become an expert in the basics, which is going to be of huge assistance to you when dealing with the far more difficult opposition that you will encounter in higher stakes poker games.

Even if you are a highly accomplished poker player (perhaps with a longer history playing live), I still advise beginning at the micro stakes for a week or two merely to illustrate that you can easily defeat these people. This is the case even if you have played live poker for a long time.

When I suggest that playing poker online on betway withdrawal limit to avoid betway deposit problems at moderate or high stakes is no longer a stroll in the park, I ask that you take my word for it. This refers to stakes of 100NL and above, which are games with a 50c / $1 blind structure.

It is essential to demonstrate that you can succeed in games with lesser stakes before moving up to games with greater stakes; otherwise, you would have no chance of winning.

2. You should always raise before entering the pot preflop.

Raise the bet if you join the pot pre-flop. This is another one of my finest strategies for playing online poker.

If you come from a background in live poker, where limping (simply calling the blind preflop) is a lot more prevalent, this may seem a little weird at first. This is particularly the case if you come from a history in online poker.

However, limping is used much less often in online poker games. And to tell you the truth, if you limp a lot, one of the stronger players is likely to begin isolating you regularly and making your life miserable after the flip. This is especially true if you limp a lot before the flop.

Here is an excellent illustration of why I do not recommend limping too much while playing online poker:

As can be seen, this results in a precarious situation that I like to refer to as “the snowball effect.”

When you are playing poker online, it is usually always a better strategy to just grab control of the pot straight away before the flip by raising your wager.

It is my recommendation that you raise it to three times the large blind. In addition to that, you need to put in an additional huge blind for each limper. If you are not in the best position to play the hand, you might also consider putting in an extra huge blind for each limper.

Those of you who have read my book Crushing the Microstakes are aware that the preflop raising method described here is almost identical to the one I detailed in the book.


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