Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic: Remake & Latest Update

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, is a favorite video game of the star war fans. The developers of the game are BioWare, Obsidian Entertainment and Aspyr Media.  The publishers of the game include Lucas Arts, Electronic Arts, and Disney Interactive Studios.

The game is available on Windows, Xbox, Mac OS X, IOS, Android and Linux. The first release of the game happened on July 15, 2003.

Many reports of a new game of Knights of Old Repub;ic, were heard since January 2021. Fans are making a huge demand for this video game. Many petitions were given for a next gen consle remake of KOTOR.  And now at last, an insider from the game industry, Jason Schreier has reported that the new game is on its way.

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic: Remake and Latest Update

Knights of The Old Republic: Remake Under Progress.

Schreier made it clear that, the remake of the game is being done by Aspyr Media. But it is not clear if the remake is solely based on the compatibility to next generation platforms, or if it is a complete redesign.

Aspyr Media has worked on the game previously also. In 2013, almost around the games tenth anniversary, Aspyr media worked on updating the game’s mobile ports.

Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic : Game Review.

The game got released in 2003, the story of the game is set 4000 years ago, before the original Star Wars trilogy. The game revolves round a mysterious Jedi, who travels the galaxy, while trying to defeat Darth Malak.

Jedi forms a crew to help his quest during his travel. The game lets the player to join either the light or dark side of the game according to their choices.  Aspyr media has not yet officially confirmed about the remake of the game till now.

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