Life simulation real-time strategy God game ‘Spore‘ was released back in 2008. However this game was published by Electronic Arts, Developed by Maxis whereas designed by Will Wright. Well, if you are someone who enjoy playing god, then having a list of Spore cheats at your disposal will allow you subsequent power as well as advantage over the worlds you create.

On this note here we have listed out all the cheats codes that you can actually use to get the powers in your favor, no matter weather it is about earning extra money, unlocking all the levels early, completely changing to appearance of the game, or a whole host of other options. The list has all of them. But before proceeding forward with the codes let’s have a look on how to use them.

Spore Cheat Codes Latest Update and Everything You Need To Know

How to Vail the Spore Cheat Codes?

In order to use the cheat codes, first open the console screen pressing ctrl+shift+C and then proceed with typing your selection from the subsequent commands into the console and tap Enter, and you are done. To close the console either press Escape or click on the X.

Spore Cheat Codes Category

  1. Stylefilter Cheats: This cheat changes the visual style of the game, without effecting the game to be tagged with the Joker Badge.
  2. Adventure Filter and Cheats: Your filter changes will be saved as well as  published along with the adventure, so others playing it can see it just as you planned it to look!
  3. Joker Badge Cheats: This cheat code will disable further achievements. Well, if you wish to earn more achievements then do not save your game after cheating. Note: If you use the cheats while the game is paused and then unpausing the game will sometimes not give you the Joker badge.

Spore Cheat Codes Latest Update and Everything You Need To Know

Stylefilter Cheat Codes:

  • Code: stylefilter -none, Effects: change view back to normal.
  • Code: styleFilter -oilPaint, Effects: Gives the game an oil painting effect
  • Code: styleFilter -filmNoir, Effects: View game in black & white
  • Code: styleFilter -microscope, Effects: Gives the game a chalkboard-like effect
  • Code: styleFilter -norainbows, Effects: Gives the game a darker, less colorful effect
  • Code: styleFilter -nextgen, Effects: Gives the game a foggy effect

Adventure Filter and Cheat Codes:

  • Code: adventureLook -none, Effects: change view back to normal
  • Code: adventureLook -norainbows, Effects: Gives the game a darker, less colorful effect
  • Code: adventureLook -watercolor, Effects: Gives the game a watercolor art effect
  • Code: adventureLook -sepia, Effects: Gives the game an old photograph effect
  • Code: adventureLook -sixteenbit, Effects: Provides the game a blocky appearance along with adding dithering
  • Code: adventureLook -eightbit, Effects: Same as-sixteenbit, except dithering being more drastic
  • Code: adventureLook -filmnoir, Effects: Provides the game a black & white view along with adding imperfections. Also, it rains all the time.
  • Code: freecam, Effects: Enables freedom of camera movement

Joker Badge Cheat Codes

  • SetConsequenceTrait cell_carnivore
  • SetConsequenceTrait cell_herbivore
  • SetConsequenceTrait cell_omnivore
  • SetConsequenceTrait creature_aggressive
  • SetConsequenceTrait creature_social
  • SetConsequenceTrait creature_mixed
  • SetConsequenceTrait tribe_aggressive
  • SetConsequenceTrait tribe_social
  • SetConsequenceTrait tribe_mixed
  • SetConsequenceTrait civ_military
  • SetConsequenceTrait civ_economic
  • SetConsequenceTrait civ_religious

Extra Cheat Codes

  • Code: addDNA, Effects: Increases the DNA by 150. Works in Creature Creator as well as when normally playing.
  • Code: moreMoney, Effects: Increases money in the Civilization Stage by 2,000 and 1,000,000 in the Space Stage.
  • Code: freedom, Effects: Disables creator complexity limits.
  • Code: refillMotives, Effects: Refills exhausted health and other motives.
  • Code: unlockSuperWeapons, Code: This code unlatch all super weapons for the player’s Civilization type.
  • Code: spaceCreate, Effects: Unlatch and regenerates all creation tools in Space Mode.
  • Code: evoadvantage, Effects: This cheat must be entered while starting a new Creature game in order to choose any creature from the Sporepedia. Note: This cheat won’t prevent achievements from being won if it is used while in the main menu.
  • Code: universeSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency [number], Effects: This code adjust the number of times pirates can raid the player’s system.
  • Code: universeSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency [number], Effects: This code modifies the number of times pirates can take spice from the player’s system.
  • Code: universeSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency [number], Effects: adjust the number of times pirates can raid combine in the player’s system.
  • Code: levels -unlockAdventures, Effects: Unlocks all Maxis adventures.

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