Spiderman No Way Home is presently reaching all heights with a lot of nostalgic moments in the movie and it has impressed so much the fans they have smashed the box office to 1.3 Billion dollars beating Avengers Endgame. If you haven’t watched the movie yet you must go anyhow someday because it’s something the child inside you needs it. Trust me it’s a movie that if just discharged from being on a ventilator then oh yeah there is no way home you want to go to your nearest cinema and live your life again.

No Way Home Beats End Game In Box Office

According to reports Spiderman No Way Home has bagged itself on top 10 Box Office collection movies to date with 1.3 Billion dollars. However, Avengers have still been on top with 2.7 billion total. but as of days counting spiderman is leading with opening days.

Spiderman No Way Home Beats Avengers End Game Box Office Gaining $1.3Billion

In just a few weeks the movie has bagged this position which is incredible for a movie of such memories and trust me this movie feels that there is something behind you for which you want to live through this pandemic and come out stronger and this is no joke but a fact which everyone should admit and not to give up and keep pushing for a better future because the future is awesome this movie makes me feels this trust me I have been on the hall and have felt that honestly speaking so high thumbs up to the creators.

Spiderman No way home Opening Week Collection

When it comes to Production budget and revenue ratio Spiderman is going to have an upper hand. When it comes to the opening week collection Spiderman has earned $260,138,569 whereas End Game has earned $257,698,183.

Spiderman No Way Home Beats Avengers End Game Box Office Gaining $1.3Billion

But Spoilers, The movie has brought 3 spidermen together and has let them fight together against the villains so this must be a great scene you must watch if you are a spiderman and marvel fan.

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