One of the essential parts of your business marketing is B2B lead generation. It involves the process of identifying potential customers and targeting them to invite their attention to your service or product. 

Before planning any marketing strategies, lead generation is the very basic first step to consider. But, the task of landing potential customers on your website or official page isn’t just a piece of cake. 

You need to develop the customer interest first and make them aware of who you are and what your products or services offer. 

Using social media for this purpose is a very effective method. Apart from generating brand awareness, it can be your best tool to nurture the brand, grow the business, and ensure greater ROI. 

Now comes the obvious question, “How to use social media to generate high-paying B2B leads?” The answer is a bit elaborate as it has to put light on different aspects. Here, you will get the answer.

So, let’s hop in!

Social Media as Lead Generating Tool

Since the outbreak of COVID 19, the global e-commerce industry has been shackled by many repercussions of it, including closures of stores, supply chain disruptions, customer behavioral changes, etc., which led the marketers to opt for more targeted strategies regarding lead generation in order to ensure greater ROI.

It’s the social media platform that has been playing the most integral role in recreating business opportunities since then. The main objectives of using social media are manifolds. Let’s learn about them.

  • Date gathering: Lead generation on social media involves listening to the audience and interacting with them. It eventually benefits the business by knowing the customers, their needs, future demands, expectations, experiences, pain points, etc. Data gathered by such interactions are great assets as they pave the way for targeting and tracking more future leads. 
  • Building customer trustworthiness: social media work as a channel of two-way communication with the audience. Thus, it acts as a more authentic and personal form of marketing. It also builds a more trustworthy network to nurture prospective customers and convince them to buy from you.
  • Increasing web traffic: Currently, there is no more active platform to drive traffic to your business website than social media. There are more than 3.4 billion active users globally. You can drive a huge chunk of them to your B2B business marketing funnel and boost sales by effectively using social media.
  • Creating brand awareness: Getting the target audience’s attention is far easier on social platforms. It helps in improving more engagements with prospective buyers and nurturing future leads.
  • New customers buildup: Using social media can be useful to share relevant content, interact with the audience promptly, acknowledge audience feedback, and ultimately expand the audience to newer clients with strong relationships.

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Defining quality social media lead

While generating social media leads, usually, it’s the quality that matters more than the quantity. Defining a quality lead depends on multiple factors, including business goals, campaigns, and industry. A quality social media lead includes all the useful information and also contains clear signs of intent engagement with the business.

Selecting a social platform for B2B lead generation

It’s common that you would want to use all the social media platforms to boost your B2B lead generation. The more, the merrier. But real things don’t work in that way.

Before using the social network for your business lead generation, you need to put a proper plan in place. Some social networks will favor your audience, but they might ignore some. So, before the start, you need to solve some key questions like:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Which social networks do the majority of them use? 
  • How do the audiences interact on those networks?
  • Do these networks match your product or benefit the services you offer? 
  • Do you need to use paid ads?

Prioritizing social media lead generation

There are two main factors to consider while prioritizing your social media lead generation campaigns.

  1. Potential impact: You need to check the potential ROI to prioritize social media. In order to determine this, you can review prior case studies, research public opinions, analyze industry benchmarks, or ask your peers questions regarding their experiences. Finally, a best-scenario model should be projected for a better outcome.  
  1. Potential cost: For evaluating social networking lead generation initiatives, marketers should consider how much time they will need to come up with the initiatives and how much money they can invest in this purpose. While analyzing the budget, a marketer also needs to consider the hard cost of tools, productions, ads, etc.

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Popular Social Media Platforms for Lead Generation 

  • Facebook: Facebook is a giant social platform that draws over 1.5 billion active users on daily business. It’s the best place to get customer feedback. Marketers can be able to know their audience here, trigger discussion around their brand, and use the discussion to build future leads. The only problem is its over-dependency on paid promotion. To resolve this issue, you can switch to a variety of Facebook marketing agencies that can take care of your business campaign on behalf of you and help in growing the business. 
  • Twitter: Twitter is another solid platform with more than 330 million users per month. People all over the world use Twitter as a resource for updating their customers and sharing exciting announcements, breaking news, and other marketing information. This platform is also very useful to connect with the audience through informal interactions like memes or emojis. 
  • Instagram: Instagram is all about sharing images, reels, videos, etc. Marketers can also use its story option to build a buzz around their service or product. Products with an aesthetic appeal can be promoted to the best level using Instagram. 
  • LinkedIn: Twitter or Facebook is universal, while LinkedIn is all regarding businesses. So, LinkedIn is an ideal platform to promote B2B leads and encourage marketing. Marketers can test out different business strategies and talk about them with the audiences, which allows them to explore different approaches and available tools. Thus, they can have the chance of being more direct with their audience through content marketing while using LinkedIn. 
  • Quora: Another platform with a global audience of over 300 million per month is Quora. This platform provides the answers to audience questions regarding different brands. It also gives solutions and responds to the product or service-related queries. Quora also allows ads to be displayed to attract interest from the target audience. 
  • Reddit: Reddit is also known as the “front page of the internet” and has a staggering number of 542 million visitors every month. Reddit is a great option for marketers to find niche communities. Reddit offers advertising opportunities. It also provides a lot of potential choices for your business marketing. Just take its Ask Me Anything (AMA) as an example. It certainly is a great way for any company to let themselves learn about the teams who’re leading the business. 

Best ways to generate high paying B2B Leads on social media

  • Using Facebook & LinkedIn effectively 

Collecting leads using the built-in lead gen forms has been much easier on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can avoid the hassles of manually filling every form field due to these built-in forms.

In the case of a LinkedIn Ad, if any prospect clicks the “signup” button, he then and then receives a pre-populated form containing relevant personal information. The marketer then simply needs to direct the prospects to his website and send the filled form to the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to build further follow-up.

Facebook also provides a similar option for business account holders. Customers receive a form on Facebook rather than getting directed to any landing page. Then you need to select “get leads for your business” from the options and set up the audience before launching the lead form finally.

  • Leads with sequential video leads

Retargeting leads supported by interactive video ads is another strong tactic for marketers. Facebook provides a feature known as Engagement Custom Audience that can retarget buyers who have watched a particular portion of your video in order to display them another video.

You can use an awareness video addressing the prospect’s pain points or a consideration stage video using your service or products and their benefits.

  • Offering incentives for the non-converting visitors 

Reports suggest that you can generate around 35% transaction rates by doing some short-term advertisements. You can offer special discounts to retarget the non-converting visitors. You’ll see many famous brands that offer their customers discount codes in exchange for newsletter signing-up. You can also offer some attractive promotions to catch the attention of potential buyers.

Whenever a potential lead will click on your pricing page of product/service but won’t buy anything, you can use this promotion offer to retarget them for a future chance. It’s highly possible that your promotion can change their mind. But you need to make a proper cost analysis before giving such promotions or discounts so that you don’t end up losing out much money.

  • Running social media contest

Another excellent way to promote any brand and amplify brand awareness is running a social media contest or referral contest. As per reports, B2B referrals ensure a 70% conversion rate as most consumers have common nature to trust recommendations coming from word-of-mouth.

A referral contest is a great way to introduce your product or service to your customers, acquaintances, friends, family, colleagues, and peers. If you can make a lucrative offer like lifetime access to any premium gated content, you can compel the users to refer to their networks.

Before launching any such campaign, you need to make a proper cost analysis first. You can advertise this sort of offer at the top of your landing page, official website, blog, or any other social platform. You can start using Hashtag to boost the campaign as well.

  • Optimizing your profile

Every marketer needs to ensure that everything is already in place to collect organic leads before planning the social media lead campaign. They should have an optimized profile to let the customers have easy contact and sign up for their shop, newsletter, etc. 

You should try to provide maximum contacts, including contact number, email address, messenger, Instagram profile link, and so on, to support customer inquiries. You can also add different call-to-action buttons or links to your bio. 

  • Creating clickable contents

Without compelling content, it’s always tough to collect leads on social media. You need to provide brighter images, creative posts, and other click-worthy content. Each post should contain a clear link with a tempting call-to-action button. Tag products button in the Facebook shop, swipe up option on Instagram, and Facebook stories, shoppable posts on Instagram, etc., are some of the very effective clickable content on social platforms.

  • Designing customer-friendly landing pages

One of the most basic techniques to generate high B2B leads is to make a relevant landing page for the customers. A good landing page is something that’s quite seamless in operating and really easy to scan. It certainly delivers the customers with a clear path to products and services.

Whenever a link is provided, it should contain all the specific information that people would look for while clicking on it. If the landing page has any form, you need to keep it simpler. It would be even better for the potential if the page possibly offers as much pre-filled information as it can.

  • Personalizing the offers

It’s said that a little personalization can go a long way over other marketing strategies in the social media lead generation process. When the marketers consider improving the quality of lead generation, the majority of them put personalization first, as the studies suggest.   

There are different targeting tools available in different social networks. Marketers can take good advantage of them to make personalized offers for their customers. Different audiences demand separate campaigns to get the message delivered accordingly to the majority of the users. A marketer can split the campaign planning as per gender, age, occupation, etc.

  • Messenger campaigns and chatbot managing 

Messenger chatbots and messenger ads are the two ways that Facebook Messenger can offer to generate social leads, and both are quite handy. Similarly, the LinkedIn InMail campaign is another very useful tool to serve the same purpose. 

Since 2019, Facebook has been offering Automated Lead Generation in order to add more value to its users, especially the marketers. In this feature, when a potential buyer clicks on the messenger ad, he/she gets a series of product or service-related questions that they respond with some pre-filled answers. 

According to a study, more than 50% of customers prefer an automated chatbot to an actual service-providing person. Whenever a visitor lands on the Business Facebook page, a chatbot instantly pops up. This concept was primarily used for purposes like customer services and queries, product marketing, sales generation, etc. Chatbots can surely help marketers outline multiple series of conversational messages based on user choices or intentions. The best thing about this feature is you can design the chatbot as per your business requirement.

  • Live promotional videos on social media

The popularity of live video, video presentation, etc., has drastically surpassed all other content. At present perspective, more than 70 percent of B2B marketers find video positively shows more impact on ROI. Watching a video is much easier than reading a blog post nowadays. 

Programs like Facebook live and Instagram stories offer amazing performance. You can use them to make company announcements, promote the newest products, answer questions, engage customers, etc. 

Wrapping Up 

So, you’ve probably got a clear idea now why social media is such an integral part to consider, from which most business personnel have failed to fully harness the benefits. One of the most crucial factors that any marketer needs to consider is creating a winning B2B social platform marketing approach that uses quality content formats to generate leads. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, or Reddit; no matter which platform you follow, they will serve you with different advantages. All of them can give fresh ways to generate high-paying B2B leads. Lfbbd makes the process of finding the relevant contacts in the companies that have interest in your product relatively easy and fast.

It’s wise not to stop and try just a single social network platform while generating leads. You need to keep experimenting. Yet considering factors like the user volume or business opportunities, Facebook is the best social media platform to follow for generating leads in B2B business. 

Use it up to the full swing and make your business grow! Good luck with that!


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