If you want to buy a wristwatch and not a simple one, but a Swiss one, it means that you are already achieved success. Style is essential for you in cars and fashionable clothes and in the little things that emphasize status and image. An elegant watch on your wrist is exactly the accessory your style needs. But it’s not just an accessory – it’s something more. The main task is to emphasize your image, help you navigate in time, attract the eyes of everyone around you and shout to everyone about your high status and exquisite taste.

Which watch to choose?

To answer this question, first of all, you need to imagine where you will most often wear this accessory – work, clubs, negotiations, sports, a bar, etc. Like clothes and other accessories, wristwatches are subject to the principle of conformity to the events attended. Men, as a rule, have about three copies at once: for everyday life, for sports, and for going out. It depends on your capabilities and desires. If you are going to buy a watch, be aware that the separation of watches according to the purposes of use is not accidental. This is due to the conformity of the models to the style and technical characteristics of the watch.

What to look for when buying a watch

Once you have decided for which category you will choose a watch, it’s time to move on to a detailed analysis of what to look for:

Manufacturer. If you are focused on quality, feel free to choose a swiss made watch. As for the quality, there is no doubt about it. These watches are distinguished by incredible accuracy and are also recognized as the most practical and reliable. And only the best materials, including precious metals, are used for their production.

Clock face. Without a doubt, we want everything at once, but this does not happen, so we have to sacrifice something. In our case: the more functions, the faster you will have to change the batteries, about once a year, so think carefully about whether you need so many functions.

Protection. If you are a man and lead an active lifestyle, then a high degree of protection is a must. If you want to choose a reliable watch, choose one with large numbers after the letters IP. For example, IP65 – Protection against general ingress of dust/protection against low-pressure water jets from any direction.

Strap type. There are three primary materials: leather, steel, and silicone. As for leather, it is worth taking only expensive brands here since cheap analogs last for a month – it begins to crack quickly and absorb sweat. Silicone is commonly used in sports watches. If you decide to choose this type of material, then pay attention to the fact that there is no allergy to rubber. Steel straps are not afraid of scratches or rust unless of high quality and chrome is applied to them. Therefore, the main thing here is not to make a mistake and choose good steel, not fake.

Glass. At the moment, there are the following types: mineral and sapphire. Mineral glass is more common but less resistant to scratches, unlike sapphire, processed specially. Therefore, if you buy a watch for a long time, choose sapphire. Plus, sapphire glass is apparent, which makes it almost invisible on the watch, but unlike mineral glass, it is more fragile, so pay attention to this. And mineral glass is resistant to impacts, but scratches appear over time, and transparency deteriorates, especially for cheap models.

Mechanism. There are three types of mechanisms: quartz, mechanical and electronic. We would advise you to focus on the quartz movement, as it is the most accurate and does not require winding, unlike mechanics.

In conclusion

When everyone has smartphones, it would seem that watches should go by the wayside. However, their popularity does not fall. After all, besides being a stylish and beautiful accessory, watches have an undeniable advantage: they are always on hand. This accessory will please the eye and cause a sense of pride. But only if the owner likes them. The main thing to remember is that any purchase should bring pleasure and a desire not to part with it.


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