Smash Bros Theory Features, Characters and Games

Super Smash bros is a series of fighting video games by Nintendo based in Japan. It was created and directed by Masahiro Sakurai. The aim of the game is to increase the damage counters and knock opponents off the stage and not to deplete the life bars. The game was released in 1999 and with more installments it has been able to attract more players. Also Read.

Features, Characters and Games

The series features characters like Super Mario, donkey king, the legend of Zelda, Metroid, star fox, Pokémon etc. The original series had 12 characters originally and later included third party characters. In the new installment of the game the characters can transform themselves into different forms having different playing styles and moves.

Smash Bros Theory

The multiplayer feature has been well praised by everyone. The players have to get the opponents out of the stage and the damage total rises as they take more damages. With characters varying in shapes and sizes you need to make sure you pick the right character. The two most commonly used modes are Time and Stock, while Time uses point based system, Stock is based on survival.

Theories Of Smash Bros

Every item in the game can be purchased as part of Fighter’s Pass and is assigned a different number. The following is a list of theories used in the game:

  • Sonic Rings are portals to other dimensions.

Smash Bros Theory

  • Fart Rock Physics with Wario Waft. The weapon where fart is being used causing huge damage and giving the hero a recovery in vertical direction.
  • Super Smash Bros Tragic Hidden Lore that spans over five games spelling trouble for future installments.
  • The Hunt Super Smash Bros. Lost Stage
  • Super Smash Bros Tournament that features only characters that have projectile. Characters like Joker, snake with guns are included in this.

Smash Bros Theory

  • Sora has been rumoured as the new character that was most desired among the Smash Community.
  • The theories suggested the next fighter is from Bandai Namco. After the remaining three more DLC characters, theories surfaced about new challengers.
  • The psychic ability will play a huge part in gathering of Smash Bros.
  • Mewto will be able to sense the incoming challengers with his psychic power.

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