Smart Home Gadgets You Probably Haven’t Heard of Before

Smart home technology isn’t about having Alexa only; it entails having smart innovation that makes work easier for you. With gadgets being the norm, you can have all the information about your home on your mobile device and send it to your loved one in case of an emergency.

Talks about smart home gadgets revolve around “Alexa, pull the curtains, and Alexia puts off the lights.” Deep down, more innovative gadgets prove to be life-saver, energy-saver, and time-saver.

Let’s go through some smart home gadgets you haven’t heard of.

1. Bistro For Pet Lovers

This is for pet lovers, particularly cat lovers; Bistro is a smart gadget that relieves you of your duty to your cats and helps you monitor their habits. If you are tired of taking your cat on a walk, or you want to travel for a few days, and you don’t want to leave them with a stranger, then Bistro is your go-to solution.

When traveling, all you need to do is put a reasonable portion of food in Bistro, and it dispenses it to your cat at the stipulated time. Do you have more than one cat, and they eat each other’s food? Bistro is designed with facial recognition to help prevent this type of occurrence. 

The internet-connected gadget also gives room for a live session where you can watch your cats eat from your mobile device.

2. Liftware Stabilizer

In every 50 homes, there are at least 45 homes with an older person. In every 100 people around the world, there is at least one person with tremor ailments. With tremor, the basic activities of humans become interrupted; you can’t eat without spilling food, you can’t brush your teeth to your satisfaction, and you can’t have your bath properly.

The solution to this is Liftware stabilizer that uses a stabilizing innovation to aid a trembling person. With Liftware stabilizer, you can have a spoon that self-stabilizes itself so you won’t spill food. The item has an attachable port where you can switch between spoons, forks, knives, and keyholders.

3. Egg Minder

We all can’t do without an omelette for breakfast, but do you know how long the eggs have been in the tray? To save yourself from consuming bad eggs and keep tabs on when to update your eggs, Egg Minder is your go-to home gadget.

With egg minder connected to your phone, you will know the older eggs while stocking the new ones. The tray brings the old eggs for consumption first before the old ones.

4. WallyHome Smoke  Detector

Every home needs a smoke detector, irrespective of how big or small the house is. No one wishes to lose his property to fire, and that is why installing a smoke detector like WallyHome is a smart idea.

With WallyHome smoke detector, you don’t need any form of wiring as it uses your home wiring and relies on its six sensors to detect smoke in any part of your home. The advantage of using WallyHome is that it detects humidity, temperature and moisture changes, so if you have a pipe leakage, you get a beep as a form of notification on your connected device.

5. Thermostat

There are really some good smart home gadgets available in the market, but none comes close to a digital thermostat. The fluctuation of the weather has really messed with many, but thankfully digital thermostat is up to the rescue.

Getting a digital thermostat comes with sensors that you can place in all the rooms you need to regulate their temperature. You just need to set a temperature that works for you or use the body sensor to regulate the temperature; this works when the digital thermostat senses your presence. It regulates the temperature of the room to your preferred choice.

The digital thermostat can be controlled by the gadget itself or on your device.


Technology is the norm of the day, and since the 18th century, we have all gone from hoping to have a home assistant to having Alexa do all the petty work for us.

Smart home gadgets play an important role in our daily activities, and with our busy schedules, we can’t do without most of the gadgets. 

Imagine having to run some errands and totally forget about your pets at home. Your smart gadget will come to the rescue to avoid starving the pets.

The fluctuation of the weather is due to climate change, and very little can be done about it, but with a digital thermostat, you have control of your home.

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