Rush Hour is a comedy-action movie series starring the legendary Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as the protagonist cops. This hilarious duo works together to fight the corrupt rich bad guys of Hong Kong and LA. The movies are directed by Brett Ratner who is a huge fan of Jackie Chan and his movies and he has tried to give few patent instances of Jackie to the American audience with this series of movies as well. The movie is full of entertainment, rib-tickling one-liners, and of course martial arts.

rush hour 4 release

The movie franchise was a huge success and made a whopping $245 million worldwide.

Rush hour 4 release ,Plot – What We Know So Far

The movie had 3 parts till now Rush hour 3 came in theatres in 2007 and after almost a decade there are now speculations that the Rush hour series is going to back with its fourth part. According to the sources In 2017, Jackie said that he has agreed to work on the film and is waiting for Chris’s response also the following year Chris said everyone’s ready, the actors, crew and now they’re putting everything together for the movie but ever since no solid information has been released for the same. So although there were hints and speculations nothing yet is confirmed by either of the actors or the creators.

rush hour 4 release

Furthermore, there’s is also a possibility that the original cast i.e Jackie and Chris might not be in the movie this time cause in an interview with ABC news Chris said”Me and Jackie Chan are talking about doing something new and something different, so we’ll see. Hopefully, we’ll get something going real soon.”

The stars although shared a picture of them with 4 fingers indicating the movie but it’s all very uncertain.

Nothing confirmed is yet released but Stay connected with Eve Donus Film for more latest updates.


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