Rosen Blood is a Japanese manga series that you can read online on viz media. You can read all the volumes on the Viz website and Volume 2 costs only 9.99 dollars or 740 Rs roughly. You can watch a video on the series below.

Rosen Blood Plot

The man plot of the story states about a girl Stella who has met with a horrific accident and gets saved by some impossibly gorgeous men who are thirsting for her blood.

Rosen Blood Vol.2 Release Date Plot And Details

After a horrific accident, Stella finds out that she has been saved by unimaginably gorgeous men. Where the residents keep her as a maid and later she finds out that they are having a secret thirst for her. Yearning leads for a danger that mansion resident Levi is starving for Stella’s Blood. To save him Stella needs to journey into his soul and while unconscious she needs to travel to his Soul and confront Nun Luchia’s Grasp on his past.

Suddenly more than he waking up becomes a nightmare she finds out that there is some more secret to the another nonhuman Fredrich.

Rosen Blood Vol 2 Plot And Author Description With Release Dates

A horrifying secret is revealed About Fredrich and Also In order to save Levi, Stella needs to journey into his soul and go into the past. Be sure to check out the volume on March 1 2022.

Rosen Blood Vol.2 Release Date Plot And Details

The Author Kachiru Ishizue was born on October 12 and he is a libra sign man with blood Type O. She is also the author of Kuutei Kaiko Toshi(or Airborne nostalgia city) Which is one of the most famous books And also she works as an illustrator. Rosen Blood is her first book published in English ad her Twitter handle is @kachiru_i. Thank you and have a great time reading so stay tuned or such content.

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