Roblox’s Welcome To Bloxburg : Everything You Need To Know

If you are a fans of roleplaying games, then you have come across the right place. In this article we will talk about the Roblox’s roleplaying game, ‘Welcome To Bloxburg’. The Roblox gamers who enjoyed The Sims will also love this life-simulation game. So keep on reading to know major facts regarding it that you may wanna know.

Welcome To Bloxburg

About ‘Welcome To Bloxburg’

‘Welcome To Bloxburg’ is one of the most versatile life-simulation Roblox game developed by Coeptus. This game features a simulation of a virtual player who lives and can explore the fictional city of Bloxburg. The game allows the virtual player to build their own houses. However, to do that they need to accumulate credits for the game provides numerous types of jobs. The player has to complete the jobs in order to earn money.

Welcome To Bloxburg

The beta version of the game released in 2016. Despite having only a paid access of 25 Robux, this game has gained over four billion visits and ten million favorites since it’s beta release. On June 11, 2019, this game acheived the milestone of being the first paid game to have one billion visits.

How much is the Mansion in Bloxburg?

Welcome To Bloxburg

‘The Bloxington Mansion’ is the largest and most expensive pre-built house of the game. This mansion harbors numerous amount of rooms and is the only pre-built house to have an outer wall. The cost of the mansion is $200,000 but the house itself cost only $138,000. Despite being an expensive mansion, it has only one bedroom and no ceiling lights.

What is the most expensive Bloxburg item?

Welcome To Bloxburg

Fancy Furniture is furniture shop in the game where the players can purchase all kind of furniture. The most expensive item in the shop are the Modern Dining Table and the Curved Sofa. They both have a same price of $800. You can get the discount on items if they are bought in Build mode.

Welcome To Bloxburg

The Modern Dining Table is designed by one of the greatest artist alive in Bloxburg as mentioned in the game description. Meanwhile, the Curved Sofa is a furniture of comfort level 7.

Welcome To Bloxburg

What is the rarest item in Bloxburg?

In the ‘Welcome To Bloxburg’, the Giant Seashell is the most uncommon item to obtain. It is an extremely beautiful and rare giant seashell having the value of $5,000. This Giant Seashell spawns randomly in the water near the mountain at night time. The night passes immediately, once the seashell gets collected. It’s appearance time is very unpredictable and is very difficult to find with the help of map.

Welcome To Bloxburg

The players can go for as many Seashells as they want as there is no limitation regarding it’s ownership by a single player. Although it is known as the rarest award to obtain, it is the easiest to get for free. It can be obtained without any skills and gamepasses by the players.

Can you sell the Seashell in Bloxburg?

Welcome To Bloxburg

Although the Giant Seashell is a very rare item having large value, unfortunately the players cannot sold it in the ‘Welcome To Bloxburg’. This is mainly due to the fact that the Seashell does not serve any purpose regarding the gameplay. It is just a rare piece of decoration that can be placed anywhere in the player’s plot.

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