Rick and Morty season 6 Release date, Cast, plot Everything you need to know

Rick and Morty is an adult animated series, and its season 6 is undoubtedly returning and is in the stage of development. It feels like the gap between seasons is getting longer and longer for viewers, and its recent season offers all of the adventures fans expected from the series. The audience finally gets the chance to meet Rick’s nemesis, or Mr. Nimbus, and the Smith family grabs the opportunity to function or operate a magnificent Voltron-like robot till corruption and greed engulf them. Meanwhile, Morty came to learn a valuable lesson of how one should never use its patient’s work instruments just for self-gratification.

Season 5 serves as the season of changes for the Smith family, along with various cliffhangers in the ending of season 5. Now, from here onwards, things would only become crazier for viewers. The show could push every boundary of different possibilities with an animated series, especially after 70 episodes. The show’s creators still have 50 episodes to fill, so viewers could expect lots of craziness to come in their way. Here is all the information regarding Rick and Morty season 6 that viewers need to know.

Streaming date of Rick and Morty season 6

Unfortunately, there is no exact release date of season 6, but that would prevent the show’s fans from speculating wildly. However, it seems that production is taking lots of time, and there is some confirmation from a few of its cast members that season 6 could arrive sooner. The show’s writers are working hard for season 6, and they will likely start to work for season 7 sooner. Now, as the show doesn’t have to wait for renewal orders, the entire team could get to work as quickly as possible on its next episodes. Rick and Morty season 6 is expected to come out during 2022.

Rick and Morty season 6 plot

In its last season, Rick and Morty are seen flying away from Citadel, destroyed once more. Apart from this, Rick is devoid of portal juice, so he cannot teleport his way home. Now, they are searching for a safe place, and if they get back to Earth, there are several tons of Mortys engulfed within the dimensions. The writers of this show probably want to challenge Rick, and this season would explain why Rick’s portal gun is not used much in season 5. On top of it, there is evil Morty, who exists in a multiverse. Rick and Morty’s season 6 would pop up with answers to various questions – will Morty take revenge over Rick’s helplessness? Will Morty come out with an everyday existence? Till then, you have to wait.

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