Fortnite released in 2017 is an online video game developed by Epic Games added Retail Row in September. The game comes with three distinct game modes, creatures and levels. The different locations are a plus point in the development of the game. The game had an overwhelming response from the audience and downloads in millions.

This article covers all the information regarding Battle Royale Retail Row location and how weapons and coins can be extracted from it. Also Read.

Location In Fortnite

Retail Row is a location in Fortnite: Battle Royale and is located inside the G6 and H6 to the East of Lazy Lake and the North of Mount Kay. It is located on the Athena and Apollo Island and was released in September 2017.

Retail Row Fortnite

It is considered as a risky place once you have jumped out of the Battle bus and is densely populated as compared to other areas. Although, this place consists an average amount of loot it is still preferred by the players due to its location and features.


In Season 1 , it was added to Athena Islands. At the end of Season 8 in 2019, the whole east side of retail row got destroyed due to the volcanic eruption after a giant ash landed on its platform.

At the start of Season 9 in 2019 it was renamed to Mega- Mall after a huge mall was placed on the destroyed location. The roads changed but the houses and taco shop were in place as the volcano didn’t erupt them. In season 10, rift Beacon reverted the name to Retail Row involving the Fortnitemares.

Retail Row Fortnite

In Chapter 2, the place was left intact and was placed on the east side of the map. In Season 2 Chapter 2, Ghost and shadow took over the place and ghost flowers and shadow lamps were added. The entire retail row was covered in snow in the 15.10 update and some of retail row got blocked off in Season 6. Also Read.


The place consists of 21 chests and 21 ammo boxes making it an average loot place. Being located near the island there is only a little amount to gather all loot before the storm shrinks and everything gets destroyed.

How to deploy scanners?

The scanners can be deployed to Northwest of retail row in front of a tree or near houses. The second one can be deployed near bus stop close to the basketball court. The final scanner can be located in two bushes outside Norms in Retail Row.

Retail Row Fortnite

Where is the buried Blue Coin?

The buried blue coin is available in Retail Row in the southwest corner where you need to look into mounds of dirt and have to dug deep. You then basically have to look for dirt mounds and dig them up using pickaxe.


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