Resident Evil Village the Survival Game to be Released on May 2021

Recently Capcom Co. Ltd. A Japanese video game developer announced the official date for the release of their upcoming survival horror game, “Resident Evil Village”. The game is set to launch on May 7th, 2021. The game is going to be the tenth installment of the Resident Evil series and it is the sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The proclamation for the release was made during PlayStation 5’s reveal event in 2020.

Resident Evil Village Overview:

The game is the eighth part company’s multi-million-selling game franchise. The game will in first-person-perspective just like the previous game Resident Evil 7. It is set in mainly two locations one as the name of the game suggests the Village and another location revealed in the trailer that will be a Gothic palace which will have dungeons and torture chambers. The storyline of the game will start with Ethan the protagonist’s house being invaded and his wife supposedly being killed and his daughter getting kidnapped. The plot will be Ethan going to the wintery village on a quest to save his Daughter.

Resident Evil Village the survival game to be released on May 2021

Details about the game:

The trailer showed the basic storyline for the game with other fascinating details giving a sneak peek into the game. The setting as mentioned above includes the village from where the game will begin and also the gothic castle and the castle is shown to be resided by a Cabal of Vampiric ladies and their head being a Vampire lady who has created quite a hype among the game’s fanbase.

The nine-foot-tall Vampire lady winning the hearts of RE fanbase

As for the enemies in the game, the main bad guy seems to be the nine-foot-tall Vampire lady and another possibility is Chris Redfield who’s shown killing Mia (Protagonist’s wife) in the trailer. Other than that the enemy hurdles in the game are quite enthralling like werewolves, Zombies with giants swords, etc.

Furthermore just like RE 7 the game will be full of combats, classic resident evil puzzles, and of course horror.

Maiden Demo:

Capcom is famous for appealing to the fans with game demos and just like all other games Resident Evil Village’s demo is also released named “Maiden’s Demo” but unfortunately it is exclusive to PlayStation 5 only. The demo is separate from the main game story it will include the maiden making attempts to escape from the palace. Although the demo won’t include any combats but will have the classic puzzles and exploration of the whole setting.

The creators also confirmed that Xbox and PC players need not worry cause they’ll also be releasing another demo which will be accessible on all platforms this Spring.

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