It is well agreed by the scientists that, moon was formed when a protoplanet called Theia struck Earth. Theia had struck Earth at its infancy stage 4.5 billion years ago. Now some scientists are of the opinion that remains of alien world Theia can be found deep inside the Earth’s mantle.

Remains of Theia may be lying inside Earth’s Mantle.

For many years, seismologists have wondered about the two blobs, which stand below West Africa and Pacific Ocean and hang like a pair of headphones. They are several kilometers wide and many kilometers tall. According to Qian Yuan, a Ph.D student in geodynamics at Arizona University, they are the largest things in the earth’s mantle.

When seismic waves from earthquakes pass through these layers, they abruptly slow down. This shows that they are denser and chemically different from the mantle rocks near by. So they may be the remains of alien world Theia.

Researcher Explains Remains of an Alien World Theia Still a Part of Earth Mantle

New Studies & Researcher Explains

Yuan has presented a hypothesis last week at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. According to Yuan, LLVSPs (Large Shear Velocity Provinces) might have simply crystallized out of Earth’s primordial magma ocean. Yuan believes that LLVSPs are results of the alien impactor itself.

Many geologists have supported the idea of Yuan. Also a picture from Moon forming impactor, suggests that it could have delivered a cargo of dense rock deep inside the Earth. Theia is believed to have a size as that of a proto Earth. Jennifer Jenkins, a seismologist at Durham University is of the opinion that, Yuan’s picture is not inconsistent with what they know, but she says they are not totally convinced.

Only a massive Theia can explain the scale of LLSVPs, which can contain six times more mass than the moon. Yuan explains that only an impactor as large as Theia could have done that.

NASA and China have plans for robotic missions in the south pole of Moon, for further investigations in this decade.

Theia’s remnants may be lying deep down in the Earth’s mantle, but there may also be the sunken remnants of iron rich cores, of other miniature planets which might have hit earth in the early stages.

According to Jenkin, Theia must be just one grave in the planetary cemetery.

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