If you want to hire a renovation company, the first thing is to have common sense, like everything in life. If you call a company to request a quote and it takes them a week to call you back to make an appointment to give you a quote for the work, that same company will likely be way overtime to complete the job. But aside from common sense, there are questions to ask yourself before hiring a company for your work, which will save you inconvenience and problems later.

Advice before Calling a Renovation Company

Before calling on a renovation company, it is necessary to think beforehand about the type of project to be carried out and to have a previously defined plan for the kind of work you want or must carry out. Many people complain that companies “bloat” their budgets, but few realize that many of the unexpected or extras that occur during a job could have been avoided if a prior project or plan had been made at the start of the work. Choosing Reborn Renovations is the best choice there.

Checks to Be Made On the Company That Will Do the Work

Before signing with a company, you should complete the following statements:

  • Ask for references from previous work.
  • Check that they have taken out property damage insurance.
  • Check that they comply with the law on preventing occupational risks, exceptionally insignificant results.

Know who is in the business and who is not. Many renovation companies sub-contract certain services. Later, the delays in the work are attributed to “so and so,” that is not really from the company and has a work schedule that he manages himself. If they outsource some tasks to freelancers, that’s fine, but make sure the completion time encompasses them all.

Conditions for Accepting a Work Estimate

After all, what you will sign with a renovation company before starting work is a contract. As in all arrangements, binding conditions can be established for both parties. So make sure your priorities are in place before you close a budget.

Examples of Typical Conditions for a Renovation Company

Here are some examples of common conditions for various jobs:

  • Date of completion of work with penalty clause on the scheduled date.
  • Damage caused by workers (both those of the company and freelancers managed by the company) in materials already installed will be repaired at no cost to you.
  • Any unforeseen events that you add to the budget will be sent in writing, and the change will only be accepted after receipt of acceptance in writing.
  • Include in the budget the start date of the work, and starting does not mean entering the dwelling and leaving the materials stored there for two weeks.

Advice before Accepting a Quote for Work

  • Do not accept the first payment of more than 25% of the total cost of the work.
  • Check that the contract includes a memorandum of material qualities 
  • Ensure the public road occupancy charge for renting the rubble container is included.
  • Check that the agreement terms have a warranty for work and materials.
  • Check that the deal consists of the company’s name, address, and telephone number.


Speaking of overspending, you might want to wait to pay your contractors the total amount all at once, just to be on the safe side. You don’t have to trust the very first quote you receive for the job. It’s probably best to research different sections to avoid overpaying. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the results.


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