Reasons why Near Protocol is a great buy this year

In this 21st century, it becomes very easy for people to make money with the help of cryptocurrencies. The dumb rule here is very simple, you need to invest when the price is low and sell it when the price is high. But do you think it is as simple as it seems to be? You must already be planning your retirement and looking for the best coins where you can invest and make money. Or you might already have a list with you. Here you can read some important updates Bitcoin Era Software.

If you are already having a list with some popular or common crypto coins, then you need to rethink it. Usually, you will have Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ethereum killers on your list. But there is another not very popular coin that is doing very well in recent times, Near Protocol. If you have never heard about this coin before and are not sure whether to invest in it or not, then here are a few reasons why Near Protocol is a great buy this year. Check out the information before investing in it. 


The first reason why you should consider buying Near Protocol this year is Sharding. This coin is able to manage its network well and run it faster with the help of Sharding only. In the process of Sharding, the data is broken into small chunks or pieces. These chunks are now moved to different nodes. That means you will be able to store information on the network without any issue, and still be able to process transactions quickly. The design that is used for partitioning the data is called NightShade. 

Burn Program:

Another reason why you should buy Near protocol is its burn program. It is a program that will help in burning the transaction fee. We all like tokens that come with burn programs and hence Next protocol is a good choice. It makes the tokenomics deflationary but that again makes it less inflationary. 

Low Inflation:

The low inflation rate is low for the Next Protocol. Along with its Burn program, this will be an added advantage. The inflation rate is not more than five percent per year. Validators get 90 percent of the tokens and the remaining 10 percent will go to Treasury. This consistent, predictable, and low emission rate is something that every one of us likes. 


The next reason why you should consider investing in the Next protocol is Staking. Staking is something that expert crypto investors and traders, like. It may be risky, but it is worth it if you know how to stake it. You will be able to generate a little extra income with staking and that is possible with the Next protocol. On average you will be able to earn 11.77 percent if you stake Next protocol. So, with a 5 percent inflation rate, it is a very good percentage to earn. 

Simple unbonding:

As simple as the Staking process is, you can even unstack with the same ease. For some coins, the process of staking is very simple, but unstacking gets tough. But that is not the same with the Next Protocol. You need to allow just 48 hours after you wish to unstake the coins. So, the unstacking process is very simple Next protocol. 

Lower Storage fee:

Whenever you wish to store Next protocol coins, you will have to pay a storage fee. But the best part is the fee is going to be low and you need to pay only using the NEXT tokens. So, you will be able to store only the amount of tokens that you have in your account. The Next token that you have will be used as payment for storing. 

High predictions:

Even if you look at the price predictions of Next Protocol, they are all high. Yes, in the near future, it is expected to grow by 100 percent. That means, your investment will get doubled in no time. Even if it falls, it will not go too low and that makes it a valid point for buying Next Protocol this year. 

So, here were some of the important reasons why you should invest in the Next Protocol.

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