Marketing any product or service can be challenging in an increasingly competitive environment, especially in the real estate industry, as the number of lucrative deals continues to rise. While having a dependable social media presence can help, reaching out to the target audience directly via innovative postcards can take marketing to an entirely new level.

One of the most terrific aspects of direct mail postcards is that they are super affordable, enabling even individual realtors to invest in quality ones for their marketing campaigns. Moreover, these can make a lasting impression on the recipient, ensuring you achieve the attention you aim for with the mailer.

Refer to the list of other fabulous reasons you should use this traditional albeit effective marketing method.


Typically, a good postcard will cost around eighty cents or less, making the campaign incredibly economical for those on a budget. You might get it done even cheaper if you book orders for over ten thousand pieces.

Unsurprisingly, statistics show this is among the top favorites regarding direct marketing in real estate. Postcards cost much less than television advertising, magazines, billboards, and other more expensive options, making it easier to continue sending them out regularly.

Highly targeted

Technology advancements have enabled automating direct mailing campaigns to a large extent, allowing you to target specific groups of people instead of relying on generic demographic data. With the right tools, you can find your target audience based on age, profession, income, family size, and other pivotal factors.

Moreover, you can segregate them into groups and pick mailers suited for each specific demographic, ensuring maximum efficiency. Since these mailers have long lifespans and are shareable, they can initiate discussions among potential clients by incorporating impactful content.

Boosts attendance to open houses and other events

Postcards are read more often than emails, which many recipients consider spam, making them powerful marketing tools. You can include exciting details about an upcoming event or an open house in the neighborhood, ensuring the target audience responds positively.

For instance, suppose you wish to sell an independent unit suitable for families with kids. In this scenario, the best way to attract the right people is to target families in the vicinity looking for a home with features like the one you wish to sell. Including your brand name, achievements, listings, and credibility in the mail will boost your chances of success massively,

Professional, customizable designs

When you choose direct mail postcards from a reputable agency, you can customize them per your specific needs and send them out in no time. Reliable experts have hundreds of templates available and will take any amount of orders without any hassles. They also offer automated seller valuation designs with a unique link that lets your target audience know what their home is worth. You can follow up with those who request this service, showing them how capable you are of bringing them a great deal.

Besides tailoring the template design to your specifications, you can enjoy mail tracking to know how your campaign is doing. Also, you can customize the mailing lists and keep them updated for future campaigns. Therefore, using the quality services of a postcard provider can help make your marketing more effective and successful.


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