Wind Breaker Chapter 379 is set to be released soon. Fans have very curious about the next chapter and life of Jay. Get to know the release date and everything else you need to know here.

Winder Breaker is Korean Manhwa. It has been publishing its chapter since Dec 15, 2013. The writer of the Manhwa is Jo and also its illustrated by Yongseok. The Manhwa is described in the genre like Action, Drama, and Sports.

 Wind Breaker Chapter 379

Wind Breaker: Plot

The main plot of the manhwa revolves around Jay. He has been burdened because of expectations from his childhood. He is currently pursuing Second-year is obligated to top his studies throughout his high school. He is the president of Taeyang High and continues to study diligently which gives him very little time to socialize and make friends.

Wind Breaker Chapter 379

When Jay was skidding his bike at a high speed, he becomes interested in his classmate, Yoon Mon Woo. Being Awed by his biking skills he tries to recruit him to his crew but was rejected coldly. Determined to show the fun riding to Jay with other people, he proposes a deal- saying that if he wins against a member of his members he will leave him alone.

Wind Breaker Chapter 379: Release Date

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From the pattern of release of the new chapters, the release of the new chapter is expected. Wind Breaker Chapter, 379 is set to release online on August 22, 2021.

Where to Read Wind Breaker Chapter 379?

Wind Breaker Chapter 379

You can read all the chapters including Wind Breaker Chapter 379 online on WEBTOON and MANHWAFULL.

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