Read Online Tower Of God Chapter 506 : Release Date, Spoilers and Everything you need to know.

In Tower Of God Chapter 506, The Cat Tower games begin, where Twenty-Fifth Bam and his companions need to perform several missions to ascend the Tower of God. To know what happens next waiting for the next episode, get to know the release date and everything else needed.

Tower Of God Chapter 506

Tower of God  (신의 탑) is a South Korean Manhwa that is released as a Webtoon. The webtoon was written and illustrated by S.I.U. It was serialized by Naver cooperation on Platform Naver Webtoon. The first episode was published in June 2010. The official English translations are licensed by Line Webtoon.

Tower Of God Chapter 506: Spoilers

Tower Of God Chapter 506

In the previous chapter, Tower Of God Chapter 505, we can see the fight between Bam and White. Meanwhile, Ha Cheonhee meets with her enemy.

Ha-Cheonhee meets the enemy lady, that informs her that they might be siblings. The lady wants to put aside them being siblings and she wouldn’t hold back. Ha-CHeonhee said not to hold back to complete fast as she is in a hurry and former Commander Kallavan is waiting for her.

Tower Of God Chapter 506

In the chapter, we saw how Bam tries the killing blow to eliminate him white. But unfortunately, he is unsuccessful, and White gains momentum and punishes Bam, and gets injured. Bam replies to white attacks with a palm strick that almost hits white.

The battle continues in the next chapter and we can see how the Bam Vs White fight continues. There aren’t many spoilers but we can expect the fight between the Bam and White to complete.

Tower Of God Chapter 506: Release Date

The first English-translated chapter was published on September 1, 2014. Tower Of God Chapter 506 is set to release on 29 August 2021.

Where to Read Tower Of God Chapter 506?

Tower Of God Chapter 506

Tower Of God Chapter 506 can be officially read on Webtoon with English translations. Many fans have also uploaded many translations of the Webtoon online.

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