Mission: Yozakura Family is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hitsuji Gondiara. It is Shueishas weekly shonen jump magazine series since august 2019. You can read the manga series on Viz.com. If you want to watch a video on it you can here below.

Mission: Yozakura Family Plot Vol.5

To find out more information about his deceased parents Taiyo visits the library of the dead. But the twist is the library is famous for its strange director who murders anyone who does so much peep in her domain. But Taiyo somehow decides to take the risk and somehow manages to be there and started searching. While searching he finds out that an organization known as Tanpopo was involved in his family’s deaths.

Read Online Mission: Yozakura Family, Vol 5 release Date Cast Plot &Everything You Want To Know

But the documents self-destruct while Taiyo is still inside and guess what that’s more than just a peep. Later Taiyo and Mutsumi attempt to infiltrate a hospital that they think have a connection with Tanpopo but the doctor there named Kawashita is already one step ahead of them. Find out what happened next in this volume this story is expected to take a turn may be more than you could imagine so stay tuned for the release.

Mission Yokazura Family Vol.5 Release Date Cast And More

The cast of the series is as follows.

  • Taiyo Asano
  • Mutsumi Yozakura
  • Kyoichuro Yozakura
  • Futaba Yozakura
  • Shinzo Yozakura
  • Shion Yuzakura
  • Kengo Yuzakura
  • Nanao Yuzakura
  • Goliath

Read Online Mission: Yozakura Family, Vol 5 release Date Cast Plot &Everything You Want To Know

Volume 5 is set to release in English on 28th December 2021 with the name of the missions as Library of the dead, Tanpopo, Goliath’s walk, winners and losers, The aquarium trap. You can read the series on viz.com. The Japanese have already 10 Volumes. This manga series is very famous now and was been nominated for the 6th next manga award in 2020. one quick fact I want to give to you about the series is that the family has only one ironclad rule that no killing among family. all family members shave double-banded cherry blossom rings. Once the family member gives another half of the ring to another person that member becomes a family member. so happy reading the series and stay tuned for more updates. this is me signing off. Bye!

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