Snow White With Red Hair Vol 17 is being released in Early-January 2022. Continue reading this reading to know when and where the volume as well as other details.

Snow White With Red Hair Vol 17 Release Date and Plot

The Japanese transcription of “Snow White With Red Hair” reads as “Akagami no Shirayukihime”. The original, Japanese version of the manga was released on March 3, 2017.  And the English Version is officially being released on 4th January 20212. It will release on the famed website – Sorata Akizuki has written the manga series. Hakusensha published the volumes. Whereas the serialization takes place in the magazine LaLa DX . It is a bi-monthly magazine.

Snow White With Red Hair Vol 17 Release Date, Spoilers, And Everything You Want To Know


Official synopsis by for the English version of the 17th Volume: “Kiki’s potential suitors are being attacked one after the other, and Mitsuhide has been arrested as the prime suspect! Will Hisame’s scheme to position himself as Kiki’s likeliest groom allow Zen and the gang to root out the real mastermind behind the attacks?!”.

Snow White With Red Hair plot

The story revolves around an independent, smart, and a unique woman called Shirayuki. Shirayuki catches a lot of attention on daily basis due to her red hair!. Her mom recognized this and tells her to be careful as well as hide her hair whenever possible.

 Snow White With Red Hair Vol 17

Shiruyaki works as a herbalist and gets in contact with many civilians. Prince Raj ultimately gets attracted towards her due to her hair. He orders her to be concubine for the very reason. For a person who struggled so much, being a concubine was not her wish.

She cuts her hair and runs away from kingdom. She then reaches the kingdom of Clarines. Shiruyaki then meets Prince Zen Wistaria. Prince zen is always followed by his two aides, Mitsuhide and Kiki. She then encounters many problems which bring Zen and her close. Well the story highlights on love despite meddling from others and difference in statuses.

Facts and Spoilers:

Warner Bros, Hakusensha, Showgate produces the anime of Snow White with Red Hair. Till now there are more than 24 episodes! You can watch the anime on Tokyo MX, TVA, BS Fuji, Animax.

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