Read Online Manga Second Life Ranker Chapter 97: Release Date, Plot And Everything you Need To Know

Second Life Ranker is a famous fantasy, adventure, thriller, and action Webtoon, by Nong Nong and Sa Doyeon. The story of Second Life Ranker is about two twins brothers who got disappeared 5 years ago. The main character of this series is Yeon-Woo, who found the watch in his pocket after five years of his twin brother, when he opened the watch, under watch, he found a diary where his life was recorded in Obelisk (The Tower of the Sun God).Read Online Manga Second Life Ranker Chapter 97: Release Date, Plot And Everything you Need To Know

An obelisk is a place where the intersections take place between the universe and the dimensions. After getting all the information, Yeon-woo decided to climb the Obelisk along with his twin brother diary to take revenge on his brother’s death, will he be able to take revenge or will he get defeated? Do watch the further journey of Yeon-woo on the below-given release date of Chapter 97 of Second Life Ranker.

Release Date of Second Life Ranker Chapter 97

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Every Friday, the new chapter of this series use to get published. And the release date of one of the most popular manga Second Life Ranker chapter 97 is on 26th August 2021. Yes! you heard it correct, chapter 97 of Second Life Ranker has been released, and this manga is famous among most people.Second Life Ranker

The English translation doesn’t take much time for the release of the new chapter after the original release, according to this the new chapter 97 English translation is released on 3rd September 2021, Friday.Second Life Ranker

The time can vary in different regions as follows:

  • PDT: 9 AM
  • CDT: 11 AM
  • EDT: 12 PM
  • BST: 5 PM

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