The Japanese Manga series named Moriarty the Patriot is written by Ryosucki Takeuchi and Illustrated by Hikaru Miyoshi based on the popular Sherlock Holmes series. You can read the series on If you want a short video on it then it’s below.

The Cast Of Moriarity The Patriot

The cast is as follows.

  • William James Moriarity-the middle Moriarty brother and crime consultant.
  • Albert James Moriarty-Oldest of the Moriarty brothers.
  • Louis James Moriarty-The youngest of them.
  • Sherlock Holmes-Moriarty’s Rival.
  • John H Watson -He is a veteran and combat medic
  • Fred Perlock-An associate of Williams who is a master of disguise and martial arts.
  • Sebastian Moran-He is also one of the Williams associates.

Read Online Manga Moriarty The Patriot, Vol.6 Release Date Spoilers And Everything You Want To know

There are many more characters to look out for do watch it it’s also one among the Manga series which you should definitely look out for it want some new taste.

Moriarty the Patriot Vol 6 Plot and Everything  You Want To Know

At Buckingham Palace, a masquerade Ball is been arranged by Albert Moriarty in order to negotiate with Irene Adler. Meanwhile, the documents are stolen by miss Edler what really is the secret been contained in it and why did she steal it. While the fate of London rests in hands of The Lord of Crime, the great detective and the beautiful thief they need to find out in the shadows the mystery.

Read Online Manga Moriarty The Patriot, Vol.6 Release Date Spoilers And Everything You Want To know


We will find out everything in the coming episodes of the series on 4th January 2022. The story began with that i the Late 19th Century British became a global superpower and due to strict class verification, only the upper or higher class were given chance to rise. The upper class were rude and not tolerable for the lower class and they also didn’t get a chance to get to a higher position. LAter Albert Moriarty adopts two orphans William James and Louis James. He later learns that they share a common hatred for the corrupt Britishers with William James calling himself a crime consultant. So this is how the story goes like with and started with and if you want to read the series it’s available on

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