Read Online Kengan Omega Chapter 128: Release Date, Plot and Everything you need to know

Kengan Omega Chapter 128 is set to release soon. Especially only two fights left between Kengan  Association Vs Purgatory tournament. The thrilling martial arts series has gained a lot of fans so they are curious about the release of new episodes. Get to know about the manga series and also the release date.

Kengan Omega Chapter 128

Kengan Omega (ケンガンオメガ) is a Japanese manga series. It was written by Sandrovich Yabako and art by Daromean. The story is the sequel to Kegan Ashura. The first chapter was released on January 17, 2019. The genre is categorized into Action, Comedy, Drama, Martial arts.

Kengan Omega: Plot

After the series, two years later the game-changing Kengan Annihilation Tournament on Ganryu Island, we must follow the paths of aspiring fighter who is Narushima Koga and the mysterious Gaoh Ryuki as they both are tangled up in the underground Kegan matches.

During the journey of the manga, we lost a brave fighter Ohma. Ohma fought against Kukori, utilizing his mastery of both the Advance and Niko styles. Ohma dies with a smile on his face.

Kengan Omega Chapter 128

According to the manga, Wakatsuki Takeshi is classified as Kengan Association legendary tier fighter. He is considered so because he is the longest-serving active affiliated Kengan fighter and also holds the best win record of any Kengan fighter. HE has only lost to 3 fighters in his career who are Kanoh, Hatsumi, and Ohma.

Kengan Omega Chapter 128: Release date

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Kengan Omega is weekly scheduled to be released every Friday. Kengan Omega Chapter 128 is set to release on October 1, 2021. There is no news in delay or hiatus of the manga series. Raws scans can be found 3-4 days before the release of the original release. Their English translation is found 24 hrs later. So fans are advised to keep an eye on their releases.

Where to read Kengan Omega Chapter 128?

Kengan Omega Chapter 128

There are as such of no official sites to read the manga on. But there are many non-official where you can read them.

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