Wind Breaker is a manhwa by Yongseok Jo. It is named so because of our protagonists unparalleled skills of bike riding. He cycles at the speed of wind, which is something totally opposite to his image of a studious, devoted, and ambitious student.

All his life Ja-Hyun has been under pressure of studying and scoring. He rarely makes friends. However, there is something more to him than meets the eyes. His passion for biking opens up different opportunities for him. Without further adieu, lets dive into the details of the upcoming chapter to be released soon.

Wind Breaker Chapter 380: Release date

The last chapter of the manhwa, chapter 379 saw released on 22nd August, 21. No official date for the upcoming chapter has been announced. However, following the pattern of the previous chapters, it can be presumed that the chapters are released every Sunday, or every alternative Sunday.

If we are to believe this pattern, the next episode is expected to be released on 5th of September, 2021. Another possible date in case of monthly release is 22nd September 2021.

Wind Breaker Chapter 380: Read Manhwa Online

The Manhwas have a very well formed system of circulation. They are also considered Webtoons. Mostly all the Webtoons are released or available on the Webtoon platform. We advice you to download the Webtoon app for  best experience.

The app is very easy to operate and makes reading super easy and fun. It comes with lot of personalising features. So you can now read Webtoon according to your choice and convenience.

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