Makoto Yukimura’s manga Vinland saga has released 185 chapters till now. The manga is released once a month and fans have to wait for quite a long time to continue the story. The latest chapter from the book, i.e. the 185th chapter, is now released and is available online on many platforms for free, however english readers might have to wait for few more days for the text to translate.

Read Manga Online Vinland Saga Manga Chapter 185 Release Date And All The Latest Updates

The manga is of historic nature and carries many adventurous elements. It is being run since April 13, 2005 and its the fans’ love that the manga has been going on for this long despite monthly release. Thorfinn, Askeladd, Bjorn, Thors, and Thorkell are some of the main characters in the Manga who take the story forward.

Vinland Saga Manga Chapter 185 Recap And Upcoming

In the 184th episode, the ending informed that the upcoming episode will be in coloured format and will carry a major announcement. Since this information, the fans have been left on the cliffhanger and had to wait for whole thirty days to get the answer.

Vinland Saga Manga: Chapter 185, All you need to know

The last chapter hinted at the upcoming tension between the awkward friendship between the natives and Thornfinn. He extended his hand to the natives to avoid any bloodshed and realised that they want the same. Their language barrier is what Thornfinn is attempting to overcome.

Read Manga Online Vinland Saga Manga Chapter 185 Release Date And All The Latest Updates

The fans can’t keep calm to read the next chapter in english and cant even dare to look at the visuals of Japanese manga in a fear to spoil the announcement for themselves.¬† Fans are in total awe of their beloved story and can’t stop tweeting about the saga. One user wrote Man, I love #Vinland Saga…” and another fan who has just started reading the manga writes

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