Read Manga Online Record of Ragnarok Chapter 53 : Release Date, Raw and Everything You Need To Know

Anime fans highly anticipate the Record of Ragnarok Chapter 53. Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui wrote and illustrated the Japanese manga series Record Of Ragnarok. He debuted his manga magazine Monthly Comic Zenon in November 2017. (formerly Tokuma Shoten). It will be licenced in North America by Viz Media in June 2021. It was adapted from Graphinica and will premiere on Netflix as an original net animation in June 2021. (ONA). #recordofragnarok

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 53 Release Date

The Record of Ragnarok Manga by Shinya Umemura, Takumi Fukui, and Ajichika is published in Tokuma Shoten’s Monthly Comic Zenon magazine, with a new issue released on the 25th of each month. So the release date for Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 53 will be October 25, 2021. The title of the chapter has not yet been revealed.

record of ragnarok chapter 53

Where can you read the Record of Ragnarok Chapter 53?

There is no official way to read this fantastic manga “Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 53,” we must rely on fan translations on online groups. However, if the official volume becomes available in your area, make sure to pick it up.

Synopsis of Record of Ragnarok Chapter 53

The gods of the world have risen above the realm of man to decide on a single issue: humanity’s survival. Every thousand years, Zeos summoned the deities of ancient Greece, Norse mythology, and Hinduism to decide humanity’s fate. The gods unanimously vote to end the human race, this time due to their constant abuse of each other and the world.

record of ragnarok chapter 53

But, before the mandate is passed, Brunhild, one of the Valkyries’ 13 half-gods, makes a counter-proposal: rather than annihilating humanity, why not give them a fighting chance by staging Ragnarök, a one-on-one showdown between man and God? The divine council, energised by the audacity of the challenges, quickly accepts the contest, believing that it will demonstrate the gods’ total power. Brunhild must bring together history’s brightest minds, or humanity will perish in its attempt to compete with the mighty heavens.

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